First of all I want to congratulate Jeff he was a paddle winner sorry for the delay in sending your paddle I fired whoever ran the site in the first place now it's me I was looking through my garage I saw all my used paddles and I said what about if I can make a fortune so on all my used paddles on this YouTube station then remember my first.

Instinct is always wrong I said how about we let the experts do it Fernando sella he's a pro had this idea and he made it so simple three steps that make it simple to sell your pickleball paddle one go to and click on the trading page in fact the trading link is right in the description two you fill out the easy form that's pretty.

Simple three they send you a prepaid form so you can send your paddle to them they inspect it once they expect it you get money in your account pretty good idea right good job Fernando really good job I would have never thought something like this

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Here at All In Pickleball we have fun, improve, do not take ourselves to seriously, and learn from Pickleball Pros.

Send your 1080 or above amateur game links (YT or FB) to on FB messenge to Joey Gmuer and I will pull, make custom thumbnail, and get on Site within 24 Hours.

From there we can breakdown your matches, improve your technique along with positioning.

Mike Forester Pro Pickleball Player will be going around Rec Play courts and challenging players giving strategy before, during, and after games.

Much more to come as the fun is just getting started.