Welcome back to pickleball Journey today we are talking about the great reset we're going to share several tips that will help that reset I'm Justin I'm Elisha let's get into it all right so today we're working on our reset so the very number one tip that you want to be doing when you're hitting.

A reset is we're just keeping that paddle face nice and open just right out in front here it's really an open paddle face both on the forehand and the backhand side yeah let's do a couple here I want to shoot let's show you again yeah just look at that block we got oh I got the net nice and the one thing that kind of added on top of that.

Is uh Justin's not worried about popping the ball up necessarily too high he really wants that margin for air nice and high over the net because if he doesn't get it in we can't continue to play the point pickleball you don't have to worry I mean sometimes you have to worry about injuries but it's plastic ball right so.

You know if you get slammed on there's a good chance you might be able to get it back especially with how small the cord is and how slow the ball moves right yeah so be like give yourself if you have to do three four chances to try to reset it then give yourself three to four chances don't try you don't have to be perfect no one's perfect so not not.

Even Justin okay and resetting the ball so give yourself a couple chances to get it low before you start to try to be like aggressive again well and and we like to think of it as the no net rule yeah where if you miss it in the net you've got no chance to win the point yeah so start especially early on in games or in rallies start with those.

Resets by missing a little bit high as Elisha said that gives you another chance to get that next one a little bit lower absolutely and that that second tip is um that I have for you guys is with the great reset is like kind of flinching right A lot of times we'll get nervous when we pop a ball up or they they try to be aggressive and we'll kind.

Of we'll we'll Flinch and we'll bring our weight up or bring the the paddle up or try to flick the ball like this with a vertical paddle movement and a lot of times we'll miss hit the ball and so if you notice every time I hitting the ball hard at Justin he's very calm very stable just gets the paddle in the position where the ball is and just.

Blocks it okay so that's all we need watch his composure he doesn't Flinch right he just he just blocks perfect one more okay so do your best to stay as calm as you can and and stable so that there's no flinching of the body because that's gonna that's gonna put your paddle all.

Over the place and Miss hit the ball yeah that's great awesome well before we get into this next tip if you enjoyed this content please hit that like button it really does help us out so for the final tip for the great reset it's very simple what you want to do when you're when you're hitting resets is keep a loose grip so oftentimes you.

See people they get really tight and it even goes with the last tip where they're flinching it's a lot of times because their body is tight yep and so you really want to keep that that loose grip on the paddle you're just keeping that out in front and you're blocking these resets yep a little a little I've mentioned this before in past videos but.

The example I give is kind of holding an egg right okay with an egg you want to keep it secure so it doesn't you know drop out of your hand and break and you don't want to squeeze it too hard to where it breaks in your hand right so you're you're holding it somewhat firm but you're not crushing it to where it breaks in your hand so a whole I like to.

Hold my pal like an egg just secure but not crushing it right so let's do a couple more right so even one up here right and then one more nice so just great simple composure with a somewhat not really hard but secure grip okay and he has an open paddle face that's not he's not trying to do any.

Fancy spins just blocked to reset it then once we get a easier ball we can go into moving more aggressively all right real quick we love these engaged Pals we've got a 20 discount code in the description these pals are going to bring your game to the next level and you're going to win every match guaranteed.

In this video, we explain how to hit a great Reset in a few simple steps. Being able to reset the ball well is essential and a part of your game you will want to master!

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