Foreign so if you're gonna play much pickleball one of the things that you're going to have to learn to do is how to re-grip your own paddle I mean I guess you could always take it somewhere else but that's no fun so let's do a little paddle regripping.

Tutorial um I just got a brand new paddle sent to me by our good friends over at Selkirk and this is uh the Halo the SLK Halo I love the SLK Brands don't sleep on SLK um look the grips when they come with uh everyone like it's always a nice grip when it comes but everyone's kind of got.

Their Preference they like to have their certain feel so what I like to do is even when a paddle comes brand new and it's still got the plastic on it I like to take that off and put it over rip on right away so why don't you do it with me foreign so once you get the plastic off you are.

Ready to go you grab your over grip and uh there you go you've got to roll it out and there's gonna be a little piece of plastic there usually there's a pull tab that'll allow you to separate the grip from the plastic that was protecting it you of course don't want that plastic on your grip do something with the garbage and then there's a.

Little um sticky here there's a little adhesive you're going to take that off dispose of that and that is how you are going to affix your over grip to the handle now it's always smart to start at the bottom and then to work your way up and how you start it really matters kind of like real pickleball if you start well things tend to go well so make it.

Nice and tight right at the beginning and you do want a little bit of an overlap here and that overlap is going to help prevent it from rolling up so that little bit of an overhang not too much and then you just keep rolling and you want to be nice and tight as you go here and as you go it's really important that.

You don't have a little separation right there's a little separation right here and you're going to see that is going to cause a problem that grip is going to go all over the place so if you do see that happen no problem just backtrack a little bit again make it nice and tight make it overlap just a little bit and there's a very good chance when you're.

Done all of this you're going to have some left over often these grips are made for tennis rackets so there's a lot of extra grip left over usually what I'll do is I'll just rip it but I'm making a video here so I want to make it look pretty use the scissors and there's a couple options here the over grip will always come with its own little piece of.

Tape or you can use electrical tape but if you're smarter than I am you will get your tape ready before you start this whole process so it's just available and there you go wrap it around once twice whatever you like make it look good use colors if you want to express yourself out there on the court but now.

We've got a nice fresh over grip and we're gonna go play some great pickleball
Many players prefer to add an over-grip to their paddles and Mark Renneson shows us the basics on how to re-grip your paddle in this video! 🙌

Thanks for watching How To Re-Grip Your Pickleball Paddle with Pro Pickleball Coach Mark Renneson 🤔

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