hi Ann Zee here of the Z sisters pickleball Channel today we're going to open this box and check out my brand new Franklin pickleball machine it's going to shoot pickleballs to me so I can practice on my own let's check it out it just arrived today.

I'm gonna open the box it arrived quickly good foreign good packing okay it looks like we're going to flip it over upside down see what happens.

There we go Franklin pickleball Pro Shot pickleballer ball launches every eight to nine seconds to 15 outdoor pickleballs not included so easy opening the box this is what's inside we're going to try to assemble this you think we can do it.

Let's hope so okay it looks like a little spiral machine a little airbag or something came out of that one it's a plug here we go is this the cutest thing or what.

Okay all sorts of Parts here we have some instructions which we're going to need a power cord isn't that very cute all right we'll save that for the end here okay that's all that's in the Box it's empty you can see that it's going to spiral down.

And shoot out 15 volts has the parts list first that's on page one I think all the parts are here they look like it two assembly instructions locate the base this is number one.

Okay and here is where we can put some D batteries I have those ready to go also before we shoot out our first one looks like it's going to go in this direction the ball basket find the small notch on the center.

Right here small knots right there all baskets a small notch on the center right here that's going to line up continue this method of matching up The Notches to each of the part during the assembly that's where the ball is going to go.

Eventually and now we have another notch here and another notch here see where the notches go okay there we go that goes right in there flip in there we go that's secure okay we got two of them.

Step two connect second ball basket two pieces so we have another notch here and another notch here that's going to line up there we go that one goes down easily and line this up.

and we have another notch here and another notch here thing there we go and then I think this is the top part there's another notch here another notch here.

Put that lined up side down okay it's all tight it's pretty good continue to the third basket and the top cap we just did that look at the battery.

Compartment on the bottom and you can put four D batteries or the AC adapter whichever power source is best for your environment the launcher may be used with a net or without a net for training purposes to use the net place the unit on one side of the net at your preferred distance.

The launcher can be moved accordingly okay here we go let's see how light it is really really lightweight is this the cutest thing you've ever seen looks like low and high and here I'm not quite sure what that does balls will shoot out this way let's give it a go.

There's the pickleball I think I can get it with my broom foreign will I save the ball from the neighbors the head was in the way and I was able to rescue it I think the ball machine is best used on the pickleball court and not in my backyard so this is the the Franklin Pro Shop pickleballer.

You don't need a partner it was easy to put together rather inexpensive for the size really lightweight they shoot straight looking pretty good can't wait to take it to the pickleball court where you can see it in action there.

​@ZSistersPickleball In this video, we’re going to take you through the process of putting the Franklin Proshot Pickleballer Pickleball Ball Machine together. We’re also going to unbox it and show you everything that’s inside!

This pickleball machine is perfect for beginners, and we’re going to show you how to put it together in this video. After watching this, you’ll be ready to start playing pickleball with friends!

We just ordered this small, lightweight, battery operated (also has AC power supply) that will shoot out fifteen pickleballs for your practice session on the pickleball court! (Watch for full review in a future video). No practice partner needed.

Here is the link to order this same machine of your very own:
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How about some Franklin pickleballs?

Watch this video to see it in slow motion action! https://youtu.be/gtxia-N28NY

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*This description may contain affiliate links. When you click them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products and services that I’ve used or have experience with.