Remember the kitchen you can't stand it on the truck you probably know it's pickleball it's everywhere so it's a cross between tennis and ping pong and badminton it is the fastest growing sport in america that's right since 2020 more than half a million people have started playing pickleball some of us even took to the.

Court to try it out explore the trend a while back you may remember pickleball is especially popular among older americans and according to a new study from the baylor college of medicine they should be especially mindful of injuries that can happen i just love that you remember how much trash trash.

We did trash talk to you it was so good so pickleball is really really fun but as mentioned injuries can happen so let's bring in david enders he's the co-founder of spear physical therapy here in new york an expert in the treatment of sports injuries david good morning good morning we love pickleball a lot of us especially like because.

We're kind of getting up there in our years and it's a fun sport for us but what are some of the injuries that can happen yeah pickleball is very similar to tennis squash and other racket sports we see the gamut of injuries rotator cuff knee injuries meniscus tears ankle sprains tendonitis so any weakness that.

Your body may have pickleball may find it so the rotator cuff injury that's one that you say is common where is that how do you get it what do you do if you get it so the rotator cuff is a series of four muscles that start on your shoulder blade and then insert up here in your arm and they kind of help to keep that ball in the socket while we're doing.

Dynamic activities so especially with overhead activity such as tennis or throwing you see a lot of rotator cuff uh pickleball as you get more intense and you get more kind of competitive with it you start hitting a little more overhead and putting a little more what are you doing are you prevented can you prevent a.

Rotator cuff tear so rotator cuff tears can happen over time or it can happen from a big injury so it's kind of a tough question you know whether you can prevent it but you can certainly do things by having a good strength program good flexibility good form good form so maybe work with some a professional to get the mechanics down.

When you're playing are there things you should do before you go out to play i mean most of us don't start yeah should we warm up stretches yeah i mean it's very similar to tennis and squash and actually i would give a big pickleball player a very similar regimen as i give some of my more elite tennis athletes and it's really a.

Dynamic activation of the large muscle groups that are involved making sure that your shoulders are loose uh getting you prepared for the random movements that you're gonna come about um in fact in in squash and tennis we do something called ghosting where you actually get on the court and you.

Simulate the movements that you're doing on the court so that you have a good awareness or appropriate reception the awareness of your body in space and when the random movement starts coming into play you're ready for and you're kind of warmed up exactly you mentioned the rotator cuff has have you ever seen anybody who's like hit their own head.

With the pickleball wrapper is that possible now you have well um what happened i remember yeah yeah i paid myself i know yeah that's me that lump and let me tell you what i did was just put a nice bottle of hampton water rose right on it and that really.

Brought the swelling right down is that one it looks much better yeah yeah but it can happen you know like get excited and then you'll funk on your own heads what about these bands are these important to use yeah so i brought a couple of simple props that every pickleball player should kind of have in.

Their bag yeah um for instance for some shoulder activation you know get your rotator cuff um doing some activities this way just to get your rotator cuff pretty exhausted going in doing some diagonal work where we're opening up our chest our shoulders both directions this type of thing coming across this way.

Okay so really getting the upper body ready okay uh this band putting it around your knees getting down again it hurts so basically anything that's going to activate the larger muscle groups david thanks david thank you thank you so much.

Happy pickleball thank you see on the court hey thanks for watching our youtube channel find your favorite recipes celebrity interviews uplifting stories shop our favorite deals and so much more with the today app download it now
A cross between tennis, ping-pong and badminton, pickleball has become the fastest growing sport in the U.S. David Endres, co-founder of Spear Physical Therapy, joins TODAY to talk about what you need to know about preventing injuries before hitting the court.

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