Foreign okay so first things first if you're looking for things you can do on your own to become more fit to become a fitter player let's not talk about me let's not talk about me go to someone like Fernando fit Pro right he's got tons of content you can find it all on Selkirk TV Fernando fit Pro's got tons.

Of things you can do to just be like in better shape when it comes to playing pickleball what I want to focus on today are some of the things that we can do by ourselves to become better players right so more like the technical side of things that you can work on if you want to train on your own okay so for the fitness side of stuff go go watch.

Fernando he's great and let's us talk about what we're gonna do on the court okay so I've got a few different paddles with me here today and uh some of you maybe you've seen some of our other videos we've shot from here we have the kids out and so we had a bunch of demo paddles.

Um I have loved playing with the uh Power air it's been great and this is the Epic version of it which was the very first cell quick paddle I ever used was the Epic shape this has been great but you know what I want to give something else a try here and it's not this it's not the green machine which my four-year-old.

Absolutely adores I want to try out today is this the SLK Omega Max you probably know the SLK is the more affordable line of paddles by Selkirk I full disclosure here I played with a whole bunch of SLK paddles and I love them I love them they've like they look good they feel good I don't know I've just been having a great time with them.

So when I got the Omega Max in the mail recently I thought oh I need a chance to go out and try this so this seems like our chance okay so we should probably do some sort of warm-up activity and again Fernando's your guy if you want like the really fun activities but I'm just gonna do a quick light jog back and forth maybe a little bit of footwork so back.

In a sec foreign backwards you got to run backwards when you play Pickleball If You're Gonna Play well it's not the running backwards that's the problem this one actually feels pretty good.

The old bones oops screwed up the pattern that's good enough let's get to hitting some balls so when most of us think about practicing on our own probably the thing that we think is easiest to do and it is is serving right you don't need someone else to hit the ball to you when you serve so let's work on our serve and.

Really there's going to be sort of two things mainly I want to focus on one is the depth of the serve and one is the direction of the serve now let's start with the depth first why is a deep serve important well I hope you don't say because it keeps them back doesn't keep anybody back at least not good players they still return serve.

They still come to the net so what is the value of a deep serve well there's two things well I guess you could say a three there's two reasons we want the serve to be deep the first is that if you hit deep they may not stay back right good players still come to the net but their Journey forward to the non-volley line.

Is going to be longer right if you push them behind the Baseline when they're hitting the return instead of their on or inside the Baseline they're gonna have farther to run and if they have farther to run there's a better chance that they don't get all the way to their line right all the way to the happy place at the non-volley line or there's.

A better chance that they hit a slower higher return so they have more time to get up there that's also good for you because you probably prefer having more time to get ready for that third shot right so that's one reason that we want to be able to serve deep is it makes their Journey to the net a little bit longer now why else might we want to.

Serve deep what has to do with timing because if that ball lands closer to them if it's land closer to the Baseline all of a sudden there's less time between the bounce and the hit they're going to have less time between when the ball lands on the court and when they've got to make contact and if the timing is more difficult they're less likely to.

Hit a high quality shot right so a good deep serve can make the timing a little more difficult make it more likely that they have some sort of error whether it's an error outright or an error just they don't put the ball or where they want that's good for you too there's one more reason and this is especially true here at these chords okay so take a look.

At these chords so there's very little distance between here well let's just like take one step and I'm at the fence one and a half steps like this is a short distance between the bass sound and the net and I'm sure lots of you play on pickleball courts where you've got tons of room around the back but there's a lot of.

Quartz especially if you're talking about indoor courts but there's not a ton of space between the bass line and the fence and so what will happen is if you serve deep and all of a sudden the ball is landing like somewhere back here then that's going to make it much more difficult for them they're not going to be able to back up as much because.

They've got the fence in the way they might have to take a shorter swing so those are three good reasons why we want to serve deep so let's do it all right this was actually way tough for me to set up on the fence than I thought it was going to be but I think we got you it's sort of secure you're wobbling a little bit but this is fine.

Okay so how deep is deep enough well the deeper the better obviously now if you're a less experienced player it's a little bit tougher to get the ball exactly where you want you might give yourself a bigger Target right you might say Landing it from here back is fine if you're more advanced player you might want to push yourself and say you wanted.

To land from here back okay I'm gonna give myself like we're gonna say medium challenge to start so let me get some cones okay here we go so we're gonna say that I'd like to get that ball past these cones I don't really care right now how I get it there it could be a slower higher ball or it could be a lower faster one but we're just gonna.

Try to get them past the cones now just realize I don't have a ton of balls here so I'm gonna have to pick some up I got seven seven balls this is not many all right well let's see how we're doing here we're gonna start just like medium speed bit of an arc see if we can get them passed.

And that would be all for one one for two that's long oh that's good oh you know why that was a different ball three for four borderline four for five that's short four for six five for seven okay five for seven good we can run and pick up the balls it's a.

Little bit of Fitness on the way okay so let's say I did that and I was happy with that and I could do a few rounds of it if I wanted a couple things we could do here one is we could change the target we could make it deeper that'd be fine two is we could change the kind of serve we hit mine were fairly slow fairly High.

Fairly safe serves but wouldn't it be great if I could get it deep in the court like this but really like hit it harder so my opponents have less time to react I think it'd be great so let's do that same Target but now it's gonna be a fast serve all right here we go to my best Tyson McGuffin one for one.

Oh we'll have to check the check the tape for that one that's great also great yep so Mega Max is feeling amazing ooh long that's that's what you get okay so there we go it was like five or six depending on how that second one went.

All right it's not bad so again I think what we're gonna do I'm gonna pick up these balls and then we're gonna make the target tougher I'm gonna make a bit deeper okay so why don't we say half the distance to the goal okay and we're gonna say we gotta do it the same way it's still going to be that.

Low fast serve got helped out by the net I think that's short that's a Butte uh borderline out that's good last one come on baby yeah okay so I'm pretty happy with that you.

Can see the consistency went down a little bit because now the target was tougher but it was still not bad I was still pretty happy so got a couple of choices here one is I could continue to work on this all right try to get the consistency higher or two I can make it difficult by adding more pressure in real pickleball when you serve if you.

Miss there's a consequence right there's a price to pay side out or your opponents get the serve well that's the side out or your partner takes over certain right you lose your serve right now when I've been doing this training there's really no consequence.

Right whether I get seven out of seven or four out of seven it doesn't really matter I'm not in trouble I don't lose anything there's no price so what we want to do if we want to be able to do this in a game not just here when we're practicing is I've got to like create some sort of.

Penalty right I've got to pay some sort of price if I don't hit the serve the way I want so what could this penalty be well could be anything I could I don't have to run some laps I could slap myself on the wrist I could give a quarter to my Nemesis right um whatever it might be so uh what I'm.

Gonna do for my penalty here is that every time that the serve doesn't go where it's supposed to doesn't land where's our Target area in our Target area every time I miss the serve five push-ups okay let's try it and again we're not gonna take the easy way out with those High slow ones we're still going to do the low fast ones all right.

Here we go come on I think we're safe there one for one that is definitely short now especially after missing a serve and you feel the push-ups you don't want to miss the next one right that's kind of like real pickleball too once you make an error you're more aware of your errors come on.

That is also short okay so I don't want to say I'm choking here but I didn't see that I think it caught the line that's way short come on Renaissance I don't even know what we're at it's terrible though okay this one relax what.

Would Morgan Evans do here we go that is long there he Morgan Evans but not miss long like that oh one two three okay.

Oh this is the worst well as you can see I sort of failed under the pressure there choked probably the appropriate word it's one thing to be able to hit these serves when there's nothing on the line but it's another one there's a consequence and the consequence could be small five push-ups.

And in the end honestly the five push-up is probably good for me but this is a really important aspect of training if you want to be able to perform then you've got to be able to do this skill when it counts when there's a penalty for failing so.

This is a good way to do that so there you go if you want to be able to go and practice your serve on your own do this grab some cones grab a bag grab whatever it is you can make the targets progressively tougher right just like we did here you can make the serve you have to hit a little bit tougher but the really important thing here once you've.

Kind of like mastered the basics of it is to say can I do it under pressure and that's where you create those consequences for yourself yeah we have to do some push-ups but you know what you'll be stronger off here good luck
When you don’t have a partner to practice with, there are still great pickleball drills you can do by yourself! Use these serving drills to practice pickleball on your own to improve your game! 📈

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