And Z here I just rode my bike to the tennis courts at the local high school Tam high and I'm going to practice some serves tonight again the key word is practice a lot of people don't spend any time practicing pickleball they just play matches all right I'm going to show you how I set things up and get the show on the road.

I brought my nylon bag filled with 25 pickleballs I also brought my paddle and some rubber lines that can be placed as guides to give me targeted dimensions of the surface area of a pickleball court as I use a tennis court to practice my serves these lines are completely movable you can put them anywhere on the.

Court to represent areas to hit two or hit past the non-volley zone is seven feet measured from the net I want to hit my serves past the non-volley zone and the line known as the kitchen line to get the serves in for my practice session foreign.

S near the end of the tennis service box which is 21 feet on a tennis court the dimensions are close if you add the seven foot kitchen area and the 15 foot surface area for pickleball I want to practice sitting deep pickleball serves from the opposite side of the neck I hadn't given myself some room for air again with movable lines you can put.

Your lines wherever you want there is a lot of wind out here tonight I have to make sure that I aim it a little bit further so that it doesn't so it blows into the cord instead of out okay let's pick these up and go from the other side here we go I have 25 exactly in my bag now I'm going to serve to the other side.

great part about this wind is that they all blow into the corner makes it very easy to pick up the balls okay that's 75 balls 25. okay that's a wrap I think I did about 250 to 300 ball.

Someone bounces some just out of my hand forehand and backhand side right left court some power shots some angles going for placements sort of the rainbow effect a little bit of everything didn't do any High surfs today because it's pretty windy today so I didn't do those but I got a good workout in and I'm gonna ride my bike home my nice electric.

Bike you can see right here from REI I'll put a link in the description so you can pick up one of those too it's my favorite thing to get to and from the tennis court or pickleball court we'll see you next time this is Ann Z from Z sisters pickleball.

As a long time tennis professional who always encouraged my tennis students to practice in between matches, I have been surprised to find that many pickleball players don’t practice. In fact, all they want to do is play pickleball games. Will their shots get better during play? Yes, to a degree, but you can hit many, many more shots during a practice session.

I am going to show you an easy way to improve your serve. You can do this exercise activity without a partner. And you can be on either a tennis court or pickleball court, or even driveway or playground, if necessary.

An additional benefit of practicing your serve: Your confidence will go up when you can hit a consistent serve into the court. Hitting 25, 50, 100+ serves will help you with that! Get out there!

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Items needed:
1. Nylon bag that holds around 25 pickleballs
Vorspack Drawstring Backpack Water Resistant String Bag Sports Sackpack:

Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs – X-40 Pickleball Balls (3 pack):

2. A pickleball paddle
Engage Pickleball Omega Evolution Max Pickleball Paddle:

Fitville Paddle – 2 Paddles, 4 pickleballs, 1 bag for all levels!
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3. Some rubber markers to create your own lines on the court. The lines are a basic reference and don’t have to be exact. They are moveable and easy to set up.

Wilson Tennis (Pickleball too) EZ Court Lines

Franklin Sports Pickleball Court Lines Marking Set with Tape Measure – Throw Down Markers:

Set up your own mini tennis court virtually anywhere with EZ Court Lines, a kit that includes 16 yellow lines that, when put together, create the boundary of a tennis court. Package includes 4 corners and 12 straight lines that are comprised of durable, non-slip urethane.

You can get a little more of a workout if you ride a bike, rather than drive.
Last summer, when I filmed this video, it was a windy evening, but well worth the time spent hitting practice serves. You can watch how the wind affects your serves and make adjustments, just like you will need to during match play.

I have an REI bike:Co-op Cycles CTY e2.2 Electric Bike
I love it!

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*This description may contain affiliate links. When you click them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products and services that I’ve used or have experience with.