Welcome back to pickleball journey today we are bringing you some top-notch wall drills my name is elisha i'm justin let's eat some pickles all right so this first drill we're going to work on control but notice we're just outside a building we've got flowers in front of us you can just find a wall anywhere whether it's.

The garage somewhere in your house any building and this first drill on control we're gonna just hit the ball off the wall and then up off our paddle so we'll go like this we're gonna do all four hands for now just really working on controlling the ball nice and controlled and then you're gonna switch over to backhand all right.

So this next drill we're doing off the wall is quick hands reflexes we're gonna go back and forth between forehand and backhand just to test out your reflexes and make sure that when you're getting in those fast transactions we can be quick to respond to them and you also what you could do is create.

A line on the wall so that you can resemble a net a line the net kind of lines up to my waist so if you just go up to the wall and you wall and you kind of just line it up with your waist you can put tape on or something to resemble that net all right for this final drill.

Grab a partner and what you want to do is you want you're going to take tape and put it on the wall this is 34 inches high the the height of the net and then we've got just a couple feet here that we're putting our boundary on so we put tape on the sides we have to keep it inside of this box so again if you don't have a net you don't have a pickleball.

Court at home this is a great drill to do with a partner we're just going to go back and forth and it's cooperative so we're trying to we're trying to win the point but we're not trying to smack the ball so it's not returnable by your partner yep here we go nice.

So i just missed that wide so that would be a point for elisha then you just do this over and over play to 11 or however much you want to play to all right elisha and i uh we get our sick white shoes from promise be sure to check out the link in the description for a 10 discount
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