Today we are joined by Mary from City pickle we are going to run you through the basic rules of pickleball Mary first things first what can you tell us about these lines the lines yeah the most important thing is that the line is in if the ball lands on any part of the line well let's talk about the back line the back line so the back line is where.

You serve from and you can't step on the line so you stand a few feet behind the line and you don't step on it you're good to go it's simple this line here marks the kitchen it's also known as The non-volley Zone but that's kind of boring so it's referred to as the kitchen you need to stay out of the kitchen if the ball is in the air coming.

To you you can't hit the ball and step in the kitchen at the same time there is an exception to the kitchen roll okay Adam if the ball bounces in the kitchen you can step into the kitchen to hit it the ball bounces got it otherwise if it's in the air you have to stay you gotta stay back you gotta you can't attack aggressively you gotta wait for.

The ball to come to the kitchen line amazing so the serve the only thing you need to think about with the serve is you stay behind the Baseline easy peasy you're aiming for the Box um opposite of you and you simply easy don't ever think it now the one thing about the serve right you have to get it over the kitchen the ball has to.

Land beyond the kitchen in your opponent's box right here the opposite diagonal opposite box you need to serve underhand your paddle is not supposed to come above your belly button so you can't sidearm it obviously it's not like a tennis serve it is a simple underhand motion but paddle stays below your belly I think this is the one slightly tricky.

Rule for pickleball when it's your turn to serve I would serve first and then my partner would serve after me except for the very very first point of the game the team who's serving first only gets one served and then it goes to the other team and they get to both their first and their second player serves so it's just like an exception for the very.

First point of the game got it how do we decide if we're serving on the right side or the left side yeah this is the like the beauty of pickleball is that that everything is simple and you don't need to overthink anything so you decide by whoever's standing on the right side of the court so if you if it's your team's turn to serve and you're on the.

Right side of the Court then you are the server simple as as can be and so let's say that team scores a point do they then rotate yes so if I serve and I get a point then I move over here and I serve from here for my second serve if I win a point I continue rotating back and forth if I lose then I stay here makes sense how do we decide who serves first.

Uh well what I like to do is I like to do the old-fashioned one or two so Adam who serves first one or two two so I'm serving first I've got one okay oh okay bullying like the actual game hitting it back and forth what can you tell us about volume two things to remember one is that you have to stay behind the kitchen when you volley when you hit the.

Ball out of the air and the other thing to remember is that if you are the serving team both you you're back because you're serving behind the line and your partner is also back because the ball has to bounce once before you can hit it only on the serve If you're receiving the ball back you can't volley it out of the air it has to bounce first.

Got it so if you're serving the ball has to return battle and then go correct just on that first um like there's the second shot back to you I keep hearing the word Dink what do we need to know about dink or dinking I know actually the dink is the most important shot in the entire game um and it's actually the easiest as well.

You simply hit the ball like really lightly over the net into the kitchen and it's your greatest offensive tool because if you dink back and forth a few times eventually you're hoping that your opponent has a poor dink that's high and then you can slam the ball home first for the win dinking I think lastly most important how do we keep score Mary.

Um so you only score a point when you're serving and you are playing to 11 win by two and one of the things you need to know when you're playing is actually how you say the score like well what do you think Adam how would you say the score one zero uh good guess very close 1-0 if your team is beating my team but then.

You have to add one more number whether you are the first server or the second server so if you're winning one against me zero and you are serving and you're the first server you say one so one zero one zero one but if your teammate is serving as the second server it's one zero two now you got it I think we're ready to play yeah.

Thanks to Mary in the city pickle team we feel ready to play some pickleball if you enjoyed this video subscribe and hit that like button thanks for watching
Pickleball continues to be the fastest growing sport in the United States. We had the opportunity to talk about the Pickleball Basics, Rules, and Court with the professionals over at City Pickle.

After this video you will know:
– How to play Pickleball
– What are the Pickleball Rules
– How to Dink in Pickleball

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