As pickleball evolves it gets more and more aggressive that dink to death strategy just doesn't work anymore after all at higher levels your opponents will attack if they have the opportunity in general you never want to attack if the ball is below your knee while you ask it's simple because you have to hit.

The ball up right because it's below your knee and you're speeding it up and a pickleball court is not that big and it might go out so you'd have to hit with a ton of Spin and hit it a lot slower and it might just look a little something like this top left-hand corner it's out.

And if you're hitting it up a little slower what are your opponents going to do with that high ball crush you right Crush you there are some exceptions right a really low backhand roll with a lot of Spin and off speed change up does work but it doesn't work all the time and you have to really pick your opportunities of when to use it it.

Happens that quick you missed it right take a look at this in slow motion Marketplace Senior Pro look at the pace he hits that bar right medium speed not too hard and that would have went in it really would have just like that one however his opponent knew what he was doing and he got his partner in trouble attacking from below the net is.

Dangerous after all when we attack we have to think about a number of factors am I faster than my opponent where's my opponent's paddle position what direction is the wind blowing what kind of ball are we using on the other hand it is a grave sin a mass Injustice to all pickleball players.

Not to attack those High balls not to put them away remember that placement is so much more important than speed and choose those targets wisely well what are some good targets we should go for open court space always go for if it's open we speed it up to open court space opponent's feet always works opponent's Body Works but where on the body let me.

Break it down right now dominant shoulder I'm right-handed go at that right shoulder right hip always works why do I say this we want to get them to what chicken wing right it's very tough to cover here it's easy to block with that backhand most pickleball players are looking for it but if we can get them to chicken wing like this it's.

Going to pop up and we're gonna win the point right now Joey what is a chicken wing I'll run to Hooters a show yet no that is a chicken wing right there that's Cliff pickleball hidden dnae from all things speakable in the right elbow because she has a dominant right hand and that's a great example of Mark nepotovich getting chicken wind as well.

Remember it is way more effective to attack the person directly in front of you that's less space in between they have less time to react and also it opens up less angles right if you attack Cross Court there's a lot more they can do if we do attack from that knee level we have to hit the ball up so we do have to put some spin so it's a little more.

Risky but I do recommend it it is so important to be deceptive with these low speed UPS right we really have to disguise it as a dink so they really have less time to react one more thing if we are attacking from that knee level we most likely are not going to win the point I'm at speed up so when I speed up with my backhand roll I'm guessing.

Forehand put away every single time because this is what always happens if you look at Riley Newman he has that backhand attack and directly follows it up with what the forehand put away right on cue Riley Newman Annalee Waters in the near Court watch Riley Newman hit that two-handed hair and he hits a forehand right after he didn't quite get.

Exactly what he wanted however he won the point right he hit a two-handed attack he reset with that forehand he would have liked to put it away however he took what his opponents gave him right and this is another point where they have trouble attacking Riley Newman is in the near Court he's trying to hit offensive dinks trying to hit at the.

Feet yet he can't really get what he wants this is gonna happen sometimes so what do we do yeah we don't have to win the point when we're attacking we're looking for the pop-up so we can put away the next ball and as you get better we can attack based on our opponent's positioning.

Right where they have that paddle and we can really take advantage of that after all you don't want to attack your opponent from below the net when he's really sitting on it with his paddle in the ready position and he knows what you're doing right we have to use the element of surprise this is me hitting a slow motion backhand roll I'm really.

Brushing up on it right brushing up hidden with less speed however Deco bar hits a flick right just flick no spin tries to hit JW Johnson right in the chest take a look at it in slow motion now look at JW's paddle position it's low it is Baden his opponents into trying to hit him trying to speed it up because he is the fastest player on the.

Planet laughs scenario number one we're looking to speed it up but our opponents are ready they're in that ready position they're really looking forward to what do we do one don't speed it up but continue.

Thinking aggressively have some type of pattern in your head like one to the middle foot two outside foot one to the middle foot keep them guessing so we can get that pop up J.W Johnson is in the near left-hand corner he loves to speed the ball up but there's nothing to speed up in this point so he generates a pop-up to put.

Away right with a beautiful dank middle at the what inside foot yeah two try to do variant speed UPS different Paces different parts of the body again try to hit that dominant shoulder right right hip right shoulder the feet a lot of things could work and it's always nice to tag your opponents.

In the chest once in a while beware though some opponents with very fast hands will really tempt you right JW Johnson one of the best players in the world his ready position is almost just like this right he wants you to go straight at him so he can put the ball away this point illustrates how easy.

Pickleball could be if you speed up the correct ball right serve drop reset get to the kitchen speed it up put it away feel good right now foreign so when we're playing a really good 5-0 we have to learn fast because they will so we have to keep changing our strategy.

Keep changing our thinking patterns keep changing where we attack so we can win the pickleball game because that's what it's about one tip that will help you win more games is this if you're really speeding it up and most of the speed UPS will go out but your opponent is hitting them just keep doing it right because we look.

Like Superman or Superwoman to them because I hidden out balls one of the Grave sins in all of pickle pickleball some other things you can do for hand or speed variant backhand or speed variant some spin dinks keep them guessing change thinking patterns I know this video is on attacking From Below than that but I believe this point is.

About attacking from a different planet with Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson pickleball is so fun foreign lovers take a look at this video it was so good but let me ask you when you attack you attack any balls below your knee ever do you I'm really just trying.

To keep you a little bit more so you click and don't forget here are the pickleball Pirates we may love pickleball just as much as you do I know it's tough to believe I know it is but it's true
PPR Certified Coach Joey Gmuer breaks down the art of attacking from bellow the net.

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