Hi everyone Clifford here in this video we're gonna go over defense one of the most difficult shots to master in pickleball why it is so difficult personally I don't choose to defend but sometimes when they speed up the ball at you or you did like a too high third shot drop they start attacking you you don't have no choice but to defend so.

How do you prepare for that in this video I'm gonna go over each skills you need to master to become a good Defender without further Ado let's go right into it the first skill we're gonna go over it to become a good Defender is remove any tension you have in your body okay.

When you are under attack they start attacking you so you tend to get tense okay so you grab your paddle very hard and you try to react like to every single shot how do you combat that the idea you have to have soft head okay no tension at all so how do you do that remember when you're ready to defend when you feel like you're under attack.

You have to use most of the time your legs okay you have to still have like a loose grip I would say your grip should be between five and six okay and a scale of 10 and after that when you you have to become okay you have to know what you're doing no pressure okay try to defend as much as you can again if you want to support us please don't forget.

To like this video subscribe and we can keep bringing you like more awesome content one of the reason you're struggling with your with your residing it's because you put a lot of tension on your body or in your hand when you reset it okay so as I mentioned earlier resetting can be very useful when you are under attack.

Okay but you have to do it like the proper way okay the first thing when you resetting you have to lower your body a little bit okay and leaning forward okay and be ready okay some people you can use your toe handle okay or you can use one hand it's depends how you feel more comfortable the most important thing you have to.

Take into consideration when you resetting is what I mentioned earlier the tension because most of the people when you resetting your paddle has to be loose okay your grip has to be very loose I'm talking about like three four okay I'm taking the pace of the ball and slow it down okay if you hit the ball at me at a speed of like 50 55 miles per.

Hour when I'm resetting I'm gonna slow it down at 20. that gonna give me time to get ready for the next shot if I just react and pop up the ball at you I'm not gonna have time to get ready to prepare myself with the second ball I'm just gonna be like chasing the ball like crazy we don't want that this is why it's so important to remove any tension.

You have in your hand and losing your grip when you resetting so you can slow out the ball and you can be in position and ready for the next ball the next skills we're gonna talk about is anticipation okay anticipation is the ability you have like to see in the future what does that mean so I'm about like to see where my opponent gonna.

Smash the ball will have the ball even before they do it so how do you do that today's three thing you have to take in consideration okay the first one is gonna be my opponent body language okay if I see my opponent is ready okay that means his body is facing that side he's ready to smash the ball I already know that the ball is going that way okay so.

What should I do I'm not gonna wait after my opponent make contact to start moving okay so as soon as I see the body language telling me he's gonna have the ball and that Direction so I'm gonna start running and we prepare for the ball now the next thing you have to take consideration is the angle of the paddle okay if I see the paddle is open like.

That too so the body language is facing that way that means they're gonna head it that way so what I'm going to do I'm gonna take one or two steps and be prepared for that ball okay so the last thing is the ball you have to follow the ball if you lost the ball that's gonna be an issue okay when you follow the ball because some player can be very.

Deceiving okay build body language is telling you they're gonna head the ball and that way and at the last second they can switch it okay so if you're watching the player only you're not watching the ball when that's happened you're not gonna be able to react and remember the idea you don't want to be caught by surprise okay you have to be at least.

One to two seconds ahead your opponent the first one you have to watch the body language where the body is facing the second one the angle of the puddle and the third one is the ball okay so something that is very important to you when you move it okay when you move in you cannot move in like this crossing your legs okay so the first thing when.

You start when you feel like you under attack you have to be ready as I mentioned earlier okay you bend your knee a little bit and you lean forward okay that's mean if they're gonna hit the ball to your left you just have to run like this and get the ball the same thing they headed to the other side you move your legs and you get it to the.

Other side when you do that that's gonna make you comfortable you remember the first kiss you needed you're not gonna be under pressure you're not gonna be tense that's gonna allow you like to get the ball back every time so I hope you like the video and if you do don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time.

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