My name is Jim Sandusky I'm the pickleball director here at the Pacific Clinic in Kennewick Washington today we're going to be looking at a couple different types of serves a cut serve getting some spin on the ball and just giving you a little bit of variety to your to your serves number one thing in pickleball is just.

Get the ball in the service Court you can do that you're gold but this gives you another opportunity to show some different serves what we would teach a beginner in the in the serve okay so rule change from a few.

Years ago was you had to hit the ball in the air you could not bounce it but now you can um when you bounce the ball and and drop it from the same point every time you're going to be consistent with where that ball is going to be.

If you throw the ball up you're not going to be as consistent you're going to need a lot of practice and that's fine if you feel more comfortable doing it I kind of started out that way and so I feel real comfortable just throwing the ball up and hitting it but as a beginner I would say with something a little more.

Consistent at least to start out with and just find a find a point just above your head and you're going to sort of drops and it drops close to you so it looks something like this having the paddle back and ready right and just drop and through coming straight through all right almost like a almost like a.

Bowling motion okay you might have a you might come across to the other shoulder a little bit that's fine as long as your paddle is facing the the service court that you're aiming at another technique to teach beginners is almost hitting the ball straight out of the hand so you're not throwing it up any distance at all because the problem again with throwing.

The ball up is you can throw it a little bit out you know a little too short high very inconsistent hit range okay but if you're hitting it straight out of your hand and what I mean by that is you're just popping it up maybe just a few inches so it's going to look something like this again the paddle's back and ready to go.

Right there just like that again a drop serve and now just straight pretty much out of the hand foreign like that so this is the first left to right cut serve okay so you're going to want to come across with your paddle but your paddle is facing the net the whole.

Time but your your motion is coming through and across so when it hits the paddle you're getting this left to right Spin and this is what it looks like trying to get this as deep as possible to either one of the corners here we go thank you here we go now we're going to look at the reverse the right to left spin going.

Forehand and then an actual backhand cut spin so this is how this would look foreign okay now we're looking at the backhand cut spin okay so the ball's gonna be coming from my right to the left okay here we go okay so we're going to be looking at the.

Cut serve the forehand cut serve looking for the ace dropping it in the right front corner of the court so it'll look something like this you want to make sure you position yourself all the way over and you'd be doing this if somebody was playing maybe deep or or angled a little bit more toward the center of the court so this is what it.

Would look like foreign good morning
Learn to serve like a pro! Learn from Jim Sandusky, Pickleball Director at The Pacific Clinic and retired professional athlete and head coach. Having a killer serve is critical to your game and can help you pull out that much-desired win!
Jim covers beginner, intermediate and advanced serves.

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