Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and in today's video we're going to talk about one of the most powerful shots that you can learn out on the court so now let's Jump Right In all right so in today's video we are going to be talking about the two-handed backhand drive now we are seeing this.

More and more as more tennis players are coming in and also more players who want a versatile option where they can actually drive the ball with control and Pace on their backhand Wing So in this video we're going to be talking about footwork your preparation and the technical aspect of the stroke and then we will be getting into some drills that.

You can practice this shot so that you can hit it with efficiency all right so the first thing that we're going to start out with is the grip and you can see in this camera here I have the Continental grip I like to hold my hand pretty close you know towards the bottom of the grip here you can do it if you choke up here but if you hold your hand.

You know on the bottom of the paddle you're going to have more room on the top with your left hand but anyways we're going to go Continental grip on the right hand or your dominant hand and then your left hand is just simply just going to go right on top here so some players like to hit a two-handed backhand with their finger up here I.

Just like to just hold it like this it really depends it's up to you alright so now that we got the grip down now let's talk about the preparation now when we're talking about preparation we're talking about how to get set up for this shot so that you can hit it consistently and with efficiency so usually I'd be right back here at the Baseline here.

Waiting for the ball and the first thing that I'm going to do is to make my initial move to the ball if the ball is short where I'm going to have to go up for it I'm gonna you know have to go forward or if it's off to the left here I'm going to have to adjust or shuffle my feet quickly and the very first thing that we're going to do is begin our unit.

Turn Okay so simply what does a unit turn mean it means that I'm turning my arms and my torso my shoulders and my hips together as a unit because we are going to want to start to make our move and getting ready and prepared for the backhand stroke so you can see here that I'm turning starting my unit turn here and then next I'm going to plant my left.

Leg okay so my non-dominant leg as I make that unit turn I plant my left leg here and then after that happens what I'm going to do is going to plant my dominant leg okay I'm going to get ready to hit this stroke and when I plant my left leg first and then my dominant one this helps me get that forward momentum you can see in this camera here same.

Thing if I'm in here the first thing I want to start doing is start my unit turn right because I got to get sideways to hit the ball and then I'm going to plant my non-dominant leg my left foot and then I'm going to get ready and then plant my rice so this is the correct position if you could see that in this camera here that we want to be set up to.

Hit our backhand stroke hi if you're enjoying this content go ahead and give this video a like and don't forget to subscribe also if you're interested in exclusive Encore training with me go ahead and go to brionist pickleball.com forward slash coaching now let's get right back to the video all right as we do this early.

Preparation I do want to mention the backswing we have the backswing and the follow through which makes up the entirety of our stroke so as we plant this left leg first we are doing our unit turn you can see my two arms stay together and they are dropping behind me so that I can get my backswing ready okay so it's going to look like this and.

Then remember then I'm going to step in with my dominant leg so now I have my momentum moving forward so that I can swing through the bowl next thing I do want to mention is when you do plant that dominant leg notice how I kind of have it you can see in this camera a 45 degree angle towards the neck you don't want to plant like this because you.

Might roll the ankle and you don't want to plant like straightforward this is a natural plant here on this dominant leg so that after I finish my stroke I can come and get in my ready position to recover to get to the next Bowl all right so next I want to talk about the contact point in almost all your pickleball shots you're going to want to.

Contact the ball out in front so in this camera I just want to show you here getting ready to set up do my unit turn I plant my dominant leg I'm going to want to hit the ball right around here so it could vary depending if we're going down the line and I would probably hit it right around here and if I'm going cross court I'm going to hit it a.

Little bit more in front of me because I'm going to want to take that ball Cross Court so it's going to vary but I do want to make sure that I keep my eye on the ball through contact and I contact it out in front so now let's talk about from the backswing all the way to the fall through you can notice here that my backswing starts right.

Around here I'm in my Continental grip my left hand is on top and as I swing you can see I'm swinging upward in upward motion to my right shoulder here okay so you want to start here and then go to here now one thing that you're going to notice especially in this camera here is you can really see my rotation here right the reason why we.

Want a good unit turn is so we could get in this closed stance so you can see in this camera here I'm in a closed stance the two-handed backhand is really tough to hit an open stance because it's hard to get rotation so the reason why we want to get here is so that we can rotate like that notice how my right shoulder here is kind of facing the.

Other side of the core right so if you're doing the shot and you're just like this you know you're not going to get the power and rotation that you need so so again make sure you plant your left dominant foot plant and look at how close I am right look at my chest is now facing this camera and then once I end my swing.

Look at my chest actually opens up towards the court there so here we go from here to here all right so now that we've broken down the two-handed backhand Drive we're going to show you a couple progressions so that you can get a consistent and efficient two-handed backhand drive all right so here I have Katrina with me and.

What we're going to start out with first is Shadow swings now Shadow swings are the best way that you can start to develop good technique so that you can be hitting those key points so Katrina is waiting for the ball here and the first thing she's going to do because the ball's coming she's gonna split step and then she's going to do her unit turn.

Right and place her paddle back here okay so her paddle's in a good position and then she's going to stroke the ball upward to her right shoulder all right so we're going to do that a couple more times Katrina is going to hit her split step do her unit turn Place her paddle back for a backswing and then she's going to swing upward to her right.

Shoulder go ahead good really nice let's see it again good nice okay one more time okay good all right so now that you have the shadow swings down what we're gonna do now is we are going to do just simple drop feeds so I'm going to stand over.

Here I'm going to just toss the ball into her backhand wing and then she's going to just practice her backhand Drive okay here we go nice again good nice okay okay here we go again.

Good one thing that she's doing really well actually is you can see good rotation and you can see your weight transfer um Coming forward across her body and she is falling through towards her right shoulder so she's doing a good job there here we go good.

Again uh okay again okay good so those are really really good Strokes one thing that I would um tell her right now is go ahead and do your do your unit turn Okay so make sure or let's try to get even in a more closed stance so here so um just get ready here and then go ahead do your.

Unit turn in slow motion here we go okay so this is pretty good hold on unit term here okay so stay there that's pretty good what we I would like you to see you do is to get in a little bit more closed stance all right so right now she is coming here this is you know fairly good but I want her to get in a more close stance so I'll have her have that lead.

Leg or dominant foot to go actually in front of her back foot so that she can actually close her shoulders more okay the more we can close it here then we can rotate and you know have more topspin and more power okay so let's try it again a couple Shadow swings and you're gonna you know close that stance a little bit there you go and close a.

Little bit more so go go again two more Shadow swings go ahead good good okay here we go again go okay all right so let's try a couple here okay here we go good better good again nice okay good okay why don't you slide to your.

Right a little bit and then we're going to actually feed your balls so that you're gonna have to come out a little bit okay here we go good there again go good that was nice nice again good very good again good really really good again good okay all right so those are some pretty good backhands there um so that.

Was tossing with the feed now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to the net and I'm going to actually hit her balls from the net and then she's going to hit them cross-core all right so now she's in the middle of the Court there you're actually going to straddle that Center Line I'm going to feed you a ball so now you're going to have to run out.

To it hit your unit turn plant that left foot first then plant that dominant foot make sure in a good close stance and then go ahead and follow through up to the to that right shoulder okay so here we go you ready here we go nice ball here we go again okay.

Good nice okay again great great Bowl actually really good go nice good good notice how low she's getting to the closer that you can get to that ball and the lower you're gonna have to get with your legs right okay so here we go again good again.

Okay really really great all right so now that we did feeds from the net now we're gonna actually do some rallies from Baseline to Baseline so we're both right-handers we're going to go Cross Court and we are going to Rally our backhand drives foreign so that wraps up this video that was the.

Two-handed backhand drive you know if you are not coming from a background of tennis you can definitely learn this I've worked with a lot of students that don't have any tennis or racket background and have taught them how to create a good weapon on their backhandling so go out there in these progressions you can watch this video.

Back multiple times so that you can get the swing but if you have any other comments or questions go ahead and comment below give this video a like if you really liked it thanks for watching we'll see you in the next video for exclusive pickleball content from me check out briannaspickleball.com for awesome pickleball paddles like this one.

Make sure to check the link in the description below thanks again for watching and we'll see you in the next video Light Within the moment moment and don't go wait until the morning you never know when it is
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The two-handed backhand. This shot has taken the game to another level. Whether you come from a tennis background or not, you can definitely add this shot to your arsenal. Hit with more power, more pace, and more topspin!

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