In this video we're going to talk about how to have more control and power on our putaways at the net so if we want to be able to put it where we want to and put some pressure on them watch this video we'll keep it nice and quick so that we have less listening and more pickling the biggest thing that we do when we're.

Up here that takes away from our control and our power especially really both is we let the ball get too close to us so we get t-rexy we get jammed with it so if you think about it if you were going to throw a ball as hard as you could would you throw it like this no you're not going to get enough juice on it you would throw it out in front of you you.

Would extend out even letting the wrist go a little bit too so the same thing happens when we're here so if we don't keep the paddle out in front which is kind of number one we keep it here then we have a tendency to get these putaways like this and there's only so much juice we can put on it and I definitely couldn't put it in the three different.

Spots down the line middle and cross court because I'm just kind of trying to find the ball here if I took that same ball and I took it out in front then I would have not only the ability to hit it into the top of the net I was literally thinking as I was hitting it it just right at the top of the net instead of taking the ball here where.

We're really jammed we don't have options we can take the ball out in front so that we can extend on through so by doing that not only do we get a lot more natural topspin we got to use the carbon fiber face to give it all the touch and the control but we did it while the ball was out in front of us so that we could literally see it better so.

We're going to hit The Sweet Spot more often but also by doing so I can hit the ball down the line down the middle and cross court if it was here I don't really have much options and my opponents would start to know that and at a higher level they're going to start to poach the second they see me get all chicken wingy so the reason why we're.

Aiming for someone's paddle shoulder so often is for that reason when that happens it's really hard to get out in front and defend so that is how we defend it we need to keep the paddle way out in front so you can see my paddle arm shoulder right now it's exposed but now it's closed this is the way to defend it if I'm here.

I can't really get there so keeping it out in front is going to make you better defensively it's going to help you see it better but it's also going to help you have that power and that control to get that snap at the same time too the other thing that's going to help us a lot is actually getting physically lower at the same time too it seriously looks.

Like an entirely different game down here but what happens is when our hips are tight or we have a little bit of back pain from our hips being tight and our glutes being weak we don't tend to want to be here very long we'll be up here maybe if we have to we'll get down nice and low but it's hard because it doesn't feel very good to be down here.

So we'll fight it but when we follow our pickleball fitness program we get our hips nice and strong we get our hips nice and mobile we'll be able to be down here and I swear you'll see your pickleball game improve instantly once we start doing this the reason being is remember we don't want to hit balls high right if we hit a ball high someone can.

Smack it it's actually not the fact that it's high over the net that allows them to do that it helps but it's actually the fact that it was right up here and their Strike Zone to be able to hit it so if we we get down lower that strike zone now is right above the net so our opponents have to flirt with the net a little bit more.

To be able to avoid this so we can from here attack a lot more aggressively and if it's higher than this it might be out we only get to do that if we're a little bit lower so the three things we wanted to make sure that we did is we want to make sure that we're taking the ball out in front staying in ready positions that were already there we're pointing it.

Towards the ball we're protecting our right shoulder taking the ball out in front and then extending through the last little thing that it helps us do too is when we do this watch where the paddle finishes it's in ready position I'm ready to go again if I get jammed I'm not ready.

And if I have a tendency to swing too wildly I wouldn't be ready either that's allowed to go in the net because I shouldn't be doing all of that anyways even if that went in I'm not ready for the next ball it might come right at this paddle shoulder not even remotely ready so compact Strokes so we're not.

Taking you back too far meet the ball out in front and just roll it right through stay in ready position and rock and roll from there quite literally so thanks again for tuning in to Rue Sports I really appreciate you checking out our videos again if you liked any of the panels you saw in this video please go to. and consider purchasing when you find something that you like they're made with the carbon fiber face for all the touch control most importantly the spin the made with elongated handle as well to be able to have The Sweet Spot a little bit more extended towards the end they're so cool it's hard to even talk about them.

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