What's up you guys it's Danae with all things pickleball coming at you today with a tip video today I'm going to be talking to you about topspin what it is why it's advantageous and how to do it so first thing I'm going to go through is what is topspin topspin is essentially putting forward spin on the ball so if you look at the ball right.

Here I have a line going across the middle I'm going to call this the equator of the ball so when you do topspin you're spinning that ball so that it's going towards the opposite side of the core so that's spinning forward if that makes sense so that is what topspin is now why is it advantageous well here's the thing if.

The ball is spinning forward towards the opposite side of the Court what this ball is going to have a tendency to do is you're going to be able to hit it low to high so it's going to go over the net high and then dip once it comes over that net okay so it's going to have a high Apex but then it's going to move very quickly on a downward plane the.

More spin that you put on it the more it's going to dip down okay now an extra added bonus is that when it dips down it's actually going to hit the ground and as it hits the ground it's going to jump towards the opponent or the person that's about to hit the ball making it a very hard ball to hit now the next thing I want to go through is how you actually.

Hit topspin so how you hip topspin is essentially you're brushing your paddle against the ball right so if I just hit the ball like this this is called hitting it flat the ball is just going to bounce straight or however my paddle is contacting it however when I brush the ball now that ball is gonna start.

Spinning off my paddle with that Top Spin so what that brushing motion looks like I'm going to have my paddle down here and I'm going to find the bottom equator of the ball if I can't see the bottom of the Equator I don't want to try to do this but if I can see the bottom of the crater I want my paddle to meet that bottom of the Equator and come.

Across the top brushing that ball in like a c motion okay so I'm going from like five or six o'clock all the way to 1 or 12 o'clock so that's how I'm putting topspin on a ball again this can be done with a dink this can be done with the drop and this can be done with a drive all of it comes back to that brushing motion paddle tip down at that.

Five o'clock bro brushing up to that one o'clock or 12 o'clock so this is a really great drill for you guys to work on your Cross Court topspin dink again if you can do this with a dink you can do this with a drop and you can do this with a drive so again I'm wanting to find the bottom part of the Equator brush up against the ball and really try.

To put that Top Spin on that ball again that ball trajectory should go higher over the net and then dip down below the net a couple other notes you really only want to do this when like I said you can see the bottom of the ball when you're balanced.

Again you can do it off of volley or a dink it's really helpful when you have this line across the ball because then you can actually see the action on the spin so just to recap how this works is you're going to be finding the bottom of that ball again make sure that you can.

See that equator and that bottom hemisphere really have that paddle tip down at five o'clock brush up on the ball to that one o'clock or 12 o'clock spot again a great transition is to go from dinks to drops and then to drives I hope you guys found this video helpful if you want to find more videos like this please subscribe to my channel I.

Also am on Instagram and Tick Tock so find me at all things pickleball and I will see you guys in the next one
Pickleball players around the world want to generate more topspin but don’t know how to do so. In this pickleball video, PPR Certified Coach Danea, will show you how to hit topspin on your pickleball shots.

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