What's going on guys clickball mcnast here with the kitchens morningmen I want to talk about everyone's favorite shot in pickleball if you can do it the ATP around the post not to be confused with the UTP under the post or even worse UTI but let's get into how to hit the perfect ATP before we get into live play to show you how to do it I want to.

Explain what to look for this is a lot easier than you think so when you're on a cross-sport dink rally and you feel yourself pulled wide out into the outside of the court and you can see the court from around the post you need to let this ball really leak but also you need to pay attention to the height control let this ball drop there might.

Be another foot of space from this point to when it drops low for you to get that angle so now we're in Live's play here and we're in this cross-course dinking rally and we're gonna see if West gives it a little too much oh I wait and I got a perfect ATP let's go that's how you do it at home.

In today’s ‘Morning Minute’, Pickleball McNasty demonstrates what to look for and how to execute the ATP aka Around the Post. 🙌🏼
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