Howdy this is Austin Gridley pickle ball I’m going to be teaching you how to be hitting the corner serve to your opponents and so this normally so fun fact my serving history so for two years my first years of pickle ball I only sered backhand I liked in the past I was like I have the best backhand serving pickle ball and guess what it probably.

Wasn’t even close to the top serve as far as the pros go and so I’m a big fan of the corander and for that basic one I would hit like eight out of 10 plus just heavy Top Spin and deep and like high quality even if they know what’s coming that’s usually my basic game plan and then one or two out of 10 I’m throwing them a curve B.

Sometime I’m either serving to the corner I’m doing some kind of trickiness switching it up and so this is one of my favorite switch UPS um especially when they’re trying to stack it helps it so they have a longer weight but even when they’re not stacking it pulls them off the core and no one really does this and so you can Master it with me you’ll be.

Grateful so this is the side spin that kicks to the right for me that’s a we and that one I more went for placement I’m going to go for power and placement on this one one one more one more placement okay not bad I don’t really mind that whole sequence there okay one more.

Displacement okay a couple things we can learn from what I was just doing I didn’t teach you at first but we can learn from what I just did a couple things you can notice is I’m serving more from the corner the more corner you go so I can’t stand over here that would be illegal but the more corner you go the more anle I have and.

Then also if you want to have more placement um you want to have more of an open stance this stance is more for power so here we go I’m going to go for power and placement now that one I didn’t have a good placement but I did get Sid spin that probably would have bothered him a little bit more if he was.

Righty okay now I’m going to so I’m just kind of doing a side spin to him I’m going to try to go for placement and power and side spin all right anyways the placement one is more kind of what you maybe want to be going for but I do like when I do get I do like having in my toolbox that hybrid okay.

Let’s check out the other side okay and just real Qui fast showing you the kind of the motion of I’m going more for placement and I’m more kind of pulling my paddle with by the butt of the paddle this way and um just I’m having more of an open stance Etc um if I’m going for more power I’m pulling it this way but I’m more pushing forward as I do it all.

Right now for this side what I’m doing is I’m more going like I’m going forward and I’m on the side of the ball and I’m swinging forward but I’m kind of on the side of the ball here and I’ll just show you some you can see what I’m talking about so here we go I like to kind of stand like this okay so he hit an okay return but.

He’s coming in from off the court he had to take three more steps than he normally does part probably got that but if anything with him out of position it also puts pressure on his partner here we go that was a good one okay one more oo I missed.

It nice return that was a good return and that’s that’s also part of what I’m saying you don’t want to do this eight out of 10 times usually um after a couple times they’re going to get used to it so it’s a really good like two or three out of 10 one out of 10 I wouldn’t do too many of them okay and real fast.

Showing you kind of the motion again so I am using a bit of a forehand grip I do think it’s more Dynamic for forehand serves but anyway so for the forehand I’m going this way for that side for this side I’m going more in the side of the ball like so okay all right UI let’s just ask though so for right now that’s my corner serves yeah which corner do.

You think is higher quality um where you where you Loop it with the do spin so right side the right side right side the right side all right well I’m going to work on the left side then and improve it okay um but yeah I it is a little bit better is a little bit better and I’d say um as the returner what’s really tough is all your momentum is being.

Pulled off the court yeah so you’re obviously trying to hit a good return of serve but you also are trying to bring your momentum back into the court so that you’re ready for your fourth ball so I think a really like it’s a great surf to pull your opponents wide I think what’s going to happen is eventually they might start cheating to to moving.

Towards the out of the Court earlier so I think doing this serve coupled with a really big and deep serve down the te it’ll really mess with your opponents nice yeah and I totally agree with you um it’s really good for when they want to Stack right yes exactly yes um and so like we were doing it earlier yeah um would you even try to keep stacking if I.

Was hitting those serves on you or you like you think do it if I messed up if my team messed up two times we would stop stop so I would try twice right and if we if you got us good twice in a game we’d probably stop I do think that’s a really good idea I sometimes think um especially newer players they’re stacking till they die yeah like they.

Won’t stop stacking on the return of ser and it can cost you the game um so I do think if you mess up that’s the same for me if we mess up two or three times or three times I’m like we’re not stacking anymore we’re just going to we’re going to try to yeah if we get to the kitchen and we’re on the wrong side we’ll do our best exactly um any other observations.

No I think that that’s okay all right thank you good stuff good stuff good stuff
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