How to hit lethal low shot superbly seven killer tips to keep the ball low in pickleball throughout your career as a pickleball player you may notice that you frequently send your shots over to your opponent's side higher than you would prefer the higher you send the ball across the court the more likely your opponents are to attack you.

Especially if they're further up on the court a superb pickleball player is distinguished by their ability to hold the ball low at crucial periods and On Demand by keeping the ball at a low elevation they make it harder for your opponent to execute aggressive plays in this video we look at some of the best ways of keeping the ball low in.

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Don't miss any of our recent videos in today's video we're going to talk about seven killer tips that you can use to keep the ball low in pickleball now let's get right into the video why keeping the ball low is important in ball and pick a ball if you keep the ball low your opponents won't have as many opportunities to score that's why.

It's crucial that amateurs and Pros alike Master this essential ability while it may take some practice you may improve your pickleball game significantly by learning how to keep the ball at a low trajectory here are some of the most important guidelines that if mastered are the foundational elements of what it takes to keep the.

Ball down you'll make it harder for your opponent to attack you and increase your chances of getting an attackable ball in return if you do these things one try to avoid hitting low to high shots hard pickerball keeping the ball low requires an angled hit and a light touch it's obvious what to do when you make contact with the ball above the net to prevent.

The ball from flying high over the net and into your opponent's Court you could keep the paddle face approximately parallel to the net during content this will allow you to send it back at higher speeds when you hit it high when you just receive the low pass and have to shoot High to score keeping the ball low on the other end seems impossible and.

The way you do this with gentle shots from the ground up soft shots thus are those that range from low to high in the net to lift the low ball over the goal you need to swing from the ground up that's just how the laws of physics work there's no getting around it the closer you are to the goal the truer that is as you approach it becomes a greater.

Obstruction when playing tennis the height of your backswing might change depending on the type of shot you're hitting depending on the type of shot you're attempting you can either bring the paddle back high or low utilizing a soft stroke is part of a low to high swing is a great tactic for keeping the ball low in order to prevent your.

Opponent from balling the ball with a high contact point you should aim to send it such that it clears the net but is descending by the time it crosses the net and bounces before it gets to your opponent that will make it so that the more aggressive attacks Miss number two make sure you are targeting your opponent's feet remember to keep.

The ball low on your opponent's side to prevent them from creating High contact points that they can use to attack you from above you'll want to do your best to avoid being attacked and pickleball however the truth is that it doesn't matter if it's high on your opponent's side at any given time what matters is that they are unable to make a high.

Contact for this reason encouraging them to contact low rather than simply keep it low is a primary goal you can increase your chances of doing so by directing the majority of your shots whether they land hard or soft at your opponent's feet as a minimum shoot for a height that's below the knee now before we move ahead to talk about more game.

Changing pickleball tips please take a second to like this video And subscribe to our channel so that we can keep bringing more informative pickleball content to you your little contribution means a lot for us three develop quick hands and feet to hit the ball early if you can get to the ball as soon as it crosses the net and hit it when it's at.

Its highest point you can take the shot with the most contact although this isn't always possible for various reasons it will serve you greatly to maximize the objective in order to increase the height of your contact with the ball you should work on getting to your shots as quickly as possible the setup here is ideal for hitting the ball.

In a low trajectory it's much simpler to keep the ball low on your opponent's feet if you can make contact above the net because of the risk of sending a shot into your opponent's Court this is the case your contact point is already higher than the height of the net so you don't have to worry about clearing it four contact comfortably in front of a.

Paddle face angle most effectively you can hit the ball when it's directly in front of you rather than to the side or behind you for reasons of pure biomechanics it's a superior option contact made in front of the body allows for maximum energy transmission to the ball you have the most control over your paddle and paddle face angle while.

Making contact with the ball in front of you within a certain range or strike zone because of the increased risk of a two open or too close contact when reaching or jamming the ball is more likely to be set high back over the net down to the net or into the ground when you step outside the zone you will simply find it more difficult to.

Maintain control shots from jammed or stretch positions are still possible for those with the necessary expertise but they require more effort number five be conscious of your grip pressure big ball players can alter the height of their shots by changing the pressure they apply to the paddle's grip many players especially those engaged in a hand speed.

Struggle at the net unconsciously tighten their hold on the handle of their paddle when the going gets tough this is due to the fact that they get tensor response to Danger when this happens a ball will bounce off your paddle with greater force which may be problematic this usually causes the ball to go higher and harder than intended.

When counter-attacking a tighter grasp is necessary but doing it out of Panic or fear is counterproductive you need to be deliberate and think about the shots you're taking before you take it 6. don't flick your wrist or break your elbow overuse of the wrist or elbow during the swing is a common cause of sending the ball unintentionally too.

High this is a common occurrence and it's crucial that you minimize the amount of wrist and elbow movement you have during contact when I say soft shots I mean just that of course things change as you start using your whole body and your swing but the principle still holds true to some extent your swing should start at your shoulder not.

Your wrist or elbow and your arms should move very little a loss of control and precision is almost inevitable whenever a player uses a flick motion that is sudden at the wrist or elbow turn your legs into a source of power and your shoulder into a secondary hinge when you have this sorted out it'll be much simpler to keep the ball at a low.

Trajectory number seven learn spin last but not least adding spin to your game is one of the finest ways to assist you keep the ball low you can deploy any of the two forms of spin to maintain the ball at a low trajectory let's begin by discussing the benefits of topspin in this situation A pickleball's player's topspin is one of their most potent.

Weapons it's attacking shy from defensive shot and one which is a huge plus Top Spin is offensive because it makes it harder for your opponent to make a clean contact with the ball when they're trying to return your shot but a Top Spin shot hits the ground it picks up speed and kicks in the direction of your opponent making timing even more.

Difficult for them defensively a ball hit with Tom spin is a larger chance of clearing the net than a shot hit with flat or under spin allowing for more room for mistake that's fine and we'll work out in the end because topspin makes the ball curve downwards as it travels throughout the air if you hit it hard enough it will drop before it.

Reaches your opponent so how do you tackle low shots in pickleball games tell us in the comments also don't forget to like this video and share with your fellow picklers also if you love pickleball then make sure to watch this next video on our Channel thanks for watching bye
*How to Hit LETHAL Low Shots Superbly??* 7 KILLER Tips to Keep the Ball LOW In Pickleball!

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Throughout your career as a pickleball player, you may notice that you frequently send your shots over to your opponent’s side higher than you would prefer. The higher you send the ball across the court, the more likely your opponents are to attack you, especially if they are further up on the court.

A superb pickleball player is distinguished by their ability to hold the ball low at crucial periods and on demand.

By keeping the ball at a low elevation, you make it harder for your opponent to execute aggressive plays. In this video, we look at some of the best ways of keeping the ball low in pickleball.

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Playing pickleball is easy. It’s not hard to pick up the rules, and anyone can go out and start smacking around the balls on a court.

Yet, when you play more and face up against more formidable opponents, you begin to realise that perhaps the game isn’t as straightforward as you had once thought.

Pickleball contests have nuance, strategy, and a rhythm to them. Understanding when to defend and when to attack is one such detail.

In today’s video, we will go over the basics of dinking vs. attacking while providing ways to improve your pickleball attack game. We’re also going to talk about how to capitalize on your opponent’s dead dinks.


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