I’m Matt from the pickleball clinic and today I’m going to show you guys how to hit the topspin roll or Top Spin dink in the modern game generating spin is becoming more and more important especially with the ever evolving paddle technology that we now have because of this players are now looking.

To add more Spin and offense to their dinks one of the most offensive dinks that we can hit is a Top Spin roll or a topspin forehand dink this is where I’m standing at the kitchen line and instead of hitting a regular flat tank I’m coming under the ball and generating spin looking to push my opponent off the court with it.

I’m hitting these shots from the setup position and I’m using them to try to get the ball deep in the kitchen push my opponent back in out of position so I can eventually get a speed up and work the point hopsman is beneficial for us because it pushes the ball forward off the bounce and also causes it to go down in the air so when the ball is.

Spinning forward it’s going to come down a little bit faster and it’s going to shoot forward at our opponents giving it more received weight and forcing us to hit off our back foot sometimes if we’re not prepared for it this means that Top Spin is going to be offensive if we can get a lot of topspin on the ball it’s going to.

Make our opponents very uncomfortable in order to create Top Spin we have to be aware that we’re coming from under the ball and brushing up on it spin is generated by friction between the paddle and the ball in whichever direction the paddle is moving that’s the way the spin is going to be imported on the ball so if I swing under and up that’s going to.

Create my Top Spin so the first thing that we want to look out for when we’re creating our topspin on our dinks is you want to make sure that we’re getting under the ball so when I’m in position for my Dink and preparing for it I’m going to make sure that I’m dropping my paddle head under the level of the ball so if I’m making contact with the ball.

Here I have to make sure that I’m starting my paddle lower than the ball so I have room to come up and over it so that’s going to be our first tip getting under the ball and then from there we come up everything when we’re creating topspin has to be under and up our second tip is to make sure that.

We’re hitting the ball out in front if we’re looking to hit an offensive Top Spin dink we have to be hitting out in front of our bodies as opposed to hitting behind us anytime we’re hitting behind we’re generally on defense and don’t have room to hit an offensive shot but if I’m out here and I’m waiting for the ball I have way more control over my.

Swing pattern and can therefore go on offense a little bit easier so when I’m going for this swing I need to make sure that I’m on my toes I have a nice athletic stance and I’m in a perfect position to get the ball right out in front of my body my ideal contact point for a topspin dink is going to be six inches to a foot right in front of.

My feet so I’m out here coming under and then I’m rolling up and everything is out in front of my body you can see that I’m reaching into the kitchen I’m reaching over the kitchen line to make contact and our third tip is to make sure that we’re using the right muscles to generate our Top Spin when we’re hitting.

Topspin dinks we want our spin to come from our shoulder coming up and our forearm turning over the ball so my motion is going to look like this where my shoulder lifts and my forearm turns what I want to avoid is hitting with my wrist a lot of players especially those with a tennis background are going to be inclined to Slick their wrists as they.

Swing so that they cover over the ball if you notice when I do this my paddle face goes down and I have a quick snap with my paddle I won am going to cause the ball to go into the net when I do that and two gonna totally lose control of it we want to use our larger muscles because our wrist is a small weak muscle so we want to use our larger muscles.

Like our shoulder in order to control the swing and get the ball to our Target go under and up under and up using our forearm and shoulder and then you’ll notice when I finish as a bonus I’m not finishing over the ball like this I’m finishing with my paddle face.

Still Square to my target my paddle is still perpendicular with the ground when I finish my swing I am not coming over it I lose control when I flex foreign
Learn how to hit a topspin dink, a super effective way to add offense to your dinks and gain an edge in rallies at the kitchen.

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