Hello my name is Tim Buick PPR certifiedpickleball professional for total pickleball today we're going to talk about how to hit awinning backhand hitting a winning backhand is really a five-step process and first let'sget back to why do we need a solid backhand you see pickleball players all the time that wantto run all the way around they don't want to hit their backhand they're out here to hit a forehandproblem is now they've opened up the whole court and so we need to solidify our offhand left sidefor righty's right side for lefties so how do we do it how do we hit a winning backhand a lot ofpeople come from tennis to pickleball and I tell my tennis folks I say the shorter the court theshorter the stroke calm quick and compact here.

This court is only 44 feet long 20 feet wide sowe want to keep things real tight and compact step number one to hitting a winning backhand is earlypreparation I see the ball coming to my backhand side the very first thing I'm going to do is turnpaddle back turn get my paddle back I'm facing the side fence I call it wind the spring and let itfling this is the winding the spring so I turn secondly I need to use my non-dominant hand forsupport you can either hit a one-hander or a two-hander the problem is a lot of times on thebackhand side I see people flicking and slapping at it when you we use our non-dominant hand tosupport it pulls it back gets the proper shoulder turn so what should you do should you hit aone-hander or a two-hander I say yes I don't favor one over the other necessarily A lot of times Iwill see especially players who aren't as strong.

Again they're flicking and they're doing this andthey're not getting any power on their backhand use the non-dominant hand whether you're going tohit a one-hander or a two-hander help it with the shoulder turn to support if you're going to hita two-hander which I really like for a lot of people it forces the proper stroke path so becausebiomechanically the way our left arm works we use that left arm and it drives the ball through nowwe can do it with a one-hander as well whatever works that's one of the great things aboutpickleball is it's very utilitarian use whatever works but make sure the non-dominant hand supportseither way with a one or a two-hander step number three is I step with my right foot for writings soI step as I'm hitting the ball step number four I want to make contact out in front and step numberfive follow through on the follow through this is.

Critical again we only have 44 feet to work withfrom Baseline to Baseline so what we want to do is we want to follow through like a ferris wheelnot a merry-go-round sometimes we'll do and we'll pull across we want to go up so this is a lift andwe come up through to get that Top Spin to bring the ball down into the court that's the five stepprocess to hit a winning backhand foreign I hope you found this video helpful for you soyou can be dangerous off both Wings not just your forehand but your backhand as well for moretips and tricks go to totalpickleball.com
Struggling with your backhand? PPR Certified Professional Tim Shares his 5 easy steps to a winning backhand.
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