Have you ever gotten the perfect put away but instead of Smashing it for the win you hit it into the net or you hit it out this is frustrating but there are things you can do to keep this from happening today we're going to cover how to hit your overheads more consistently and with more power that way the next time you get that perfect put away.

You'll feel confident it's a winner let's get into it welcome to high five pickleball where we help you play better win more and make the most of your time on the court my name is Adam Richards and today we're covering how to smash your overhead shots with more power and more consistency it happens to everyone you.

Get a nice easy lob or a pop-up but you hit it too far out or into the net and when I say it happens to everyone I mean everyone the good news is this can be fixed with simple repeatable mechanics and that's what we're covering in this video if you'd like to increase your consistency beyond the overhead shot be.

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For free just click the link in the description the first step is your footwork your footwork is incredibly important with overheads because it can help you add power to your shots and avoid injuries injuries happen when players back pedal when you backpedal you run the risk of tripping or falling instead you want.

Your first step to be a pivot then after your pivot you want to shuffle back another reason you want your first step to be a pivot back is to avoid kitchen violations when players pivot forward into the kitchen and then jump to hit the ball without establishing both feet this is a kitchen violation so it's best to take your first step back.

Now that the ball is in the air you'll want to spot it with your non-dominant hand you'll also want to place your paddle up on your dominant side just behind your head this way your swing will be shorter and it will be easier for you to time your contact if your paddle is too far back you may swing too late and you.

Won't be able to transfer your weight into your shot one thing to keep in mind here is that you don't want the ball to get behind you at the last second and have to take a step back or back pedal if necessary in those situations it's better to get slightly behind the ball and step into it at contact.

To make contact with the ball you'll want to find a spot on the back of the ball and make contact like you're going to give the ball a high five with your paddle hit the ball just in front of your head at the fullest extension of your arm without overreaching you want your swing to be one continuous motion similar to.

Throwing a ball if overheads are tough for you you can actually throw a ball overhead to get the feel for it be sure to keep your eye on the ball and keep your head still at contact don't drop your head at the last second because this is how balls end up in the net.

Once you're feeling comfortable with your overheads and you've got a repeatable pattern down you can add extra power to your Shots by stepping into your swing this weight transfer can be a great way to add consistent power to your shots so to recap if you want to hit overheads more consistently think about your.

Movements and steps and practice them on a wall or with a friend if you enjoyed this content or learned something new please remember to like subscribe and hit that notification Bell so you never miss another update from high five pickleball thanks for watching.

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Have you ever gotten the perfect put away but instead of smashing it for the win, you hit into the net or hit it out? This is frustrating but there are things you can do to keep this from happening.

Today we’re going to cover how to hit overheads more consistently and with more power. That way the next time you get that perfect put away, you’ll be confident it’s a winner.

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