Hi I'm Susannah and Welcome to our new segment called quick drills where I'm just going to show you some basic drills and we're not going to take up a whole lot of your time let's get right into it this first drill is to work on the fourth shot the fourth shot is exactly what it sounds like it's the fourth shot in the game you've got the serve the.

Return the third shot and then the fourth shot once you get to the kitchen the type of force shot that you hit is going to depend a lot on what kind of shot the service team hits for their third if they give you a ball that you can get out of the air such as a weak drive or a high third shot drop you're going to look to punch or roll volley.

That ball hard deep possibly down the middle or at your opponent's feet if they hit a decent drop shot you need to respect that shot either take it out of the air or step back and let it bounce and just place that ball at our opponent's feet rather than trying to attack it the better the drop shot that they hit the more you need to be careful.

With that ball so you don't just pop it up and allow the service team to become a fence on you now for this fourth shot drill you're going to need either a partner or a ball machine to be hitting third shots to you drops or drives and we're going to put out a few targets just to help to give you something to visualize so the targets we're going to.

Be placing are going to be the kitchen corners these are where you're going to want to aim when you're respecting that drop and you need to hit a better controlled shot and then we're also going to put a couple deep which are great places for our more powerful attack shots so down the middle is a great spot and also potentially down the.

Line okay and so for the drill I've got my partner back at the Baseline he's going to be hitting drops or drives to me if I can get it out of the air I'm going to punch or roll the ball deep if he hits a great drop I'm going to aim for these kitchen targets and be a little bit more safe with my shot foreign.

Thing you'll notice is I don't want to be backed up off the kitchen line in this drill I might back up to let a ball bounce but I would come right back up again you'll notice that I'm keeping my paddle in a good ready position and I'm also getting nice and low and trying to get the ball out of the air as much as.

Possible a good part of this drill is consistency we want to be going for smart shots rather than just overpowering or hitting as many as possible quality over quantity is always a good thing we'll do a few more here and there you go that's the fourth shot drill and there you have it that's the.

Four shot drill it's pretty simple but it's also very effective for improving your game as always don't forget to like subscribe and comment this has been a quick drill I hope you enjoyed it and we'll see you in the next one

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