Unlock your potential in life the forehand slice return is underutilized and is extremely effective pickleball lovers please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day what did the girl in the pink tank top do wrong on this return yeah she hit it too shallow in the court but what i would say is she should have hit.

A slice return it would hang up a little more give her more time to get to the net and also skids and stays lower on impact mark take it away one of the most effective returns of the serve you can do is a side spin return to do a side spin return you need to move your pedal across your body like this then the balls uh spin sideways and it.

Bounces on that side really nasty and unpredictable oh it's really hard to really uh drive very well and it's also not easy to drop here is ben john's hitting the forehand slice return ma the putter pops it up beautiful reset by cliff pickleball but take a look at that so he.

Really turns that shoulder somewhat right does a full motion so it's consistent and if you watch closely that bounces and skids into mark which makes the slicer turn so difficult so many variants mark is so right it is that full motion that gives you the consistency and if it's really choppy like that or if the ball gets there and.

You chop at it it's not going to be consistent and it's going to have less spin so do that full motion to build your consistency look at ben john's it's a full motion and you don't have to hit it deep all the time i know he's pushing this more than slicing it but it works go ahead if you want to cut with your paddle but.

Uh at the last time instead of just going completely down you go across your body and you go up like this and i'm really trying to uh focus on the side spin not on the uh slice or topspin or anything just try to produce pure sidespin pure unadulterated sidespin that's martin potovich take a look at that return it's actually a.

Really good return and he makes eric drive it right maybe christina should have gotten that ball since she was at the kitchen because forehand middle isn't always for him middle that's my next video it's gonna be good if someone hits a really penetrated forehand slice that's two things you could do one drive at sixty percent and.

Drop the fifth shot two hit under the ball under the ball so if you hit horizontal on it it's not going to work hit vertical to hit the bottom of the ball so heather it's a beautiful forehand slice return and look at more kid the bottom of the ball he's starting that pedal low he's going up in an.

Upward movement so if you're gonna drive that ball don't drive it too hard go sixty percent and drop that fifth shot or really hit the bottom of the ball market some beautiful slice drops good job more pickleball lovers are you gonna try the forehand slice return please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget here at the pickleball.

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