do you take too many small steps in pickleball that gets you out of position without further ado coach izzy i'm anthony today we're here talking about controlling your positioning a lot of pickleball players take small steps aka me a year ago my footwork is literally taking me out of position getting me.

Tired and i'm not going to do good in tournaments go ahead izzy and we don't want to take too many small steps if you need to you want to take a big step to set yourself up my name's izzy if you liked what you saw and you want to see more of me as opposed to joey you know like and subscribe stay tuned.

Stay tuned she's not going anywhere we're going to get back to her in a sec take a look at the footwork when these pro dinkers move they side shuffle then take a longer step when they dink they're not crossing the feet the only time you're going to cross your feet when you're digging is if it's short in the kitchen and you.

Need to step into it and look at the man in pink he takes a long step forward and stays balanced for the next shot his momentum is not taking him off the court like it would have if he stepped with that left foot if we have good footwork in pickleball we're thinking about the next shot a good dinker really looks at that opponent's footwork are they making.

The right steps can i take them off the court and open that middle up because this is what good pickleball players think julie what you want to do shifting his weight around not moving around too much keeping that elbow tight to the body all right not sprinted out like this which throws you off balance keep it.

Tight and close save that energy for later see your to your side keep the fancy footwork to a minimum conserve that energy because you're going to need it but she really does a good job of.

Shifting her weight if that elbow's too far out if you're hitting a reset if you're hitting a thing you don't have much support and you're going to swing which is what she's saying but we really want to work on shifting that way keeping her elbow close to her.

Side this is christina in the white dress she is so good at shifting her weight so she does not have to step as much look at her shift her weight so the elbow stays close to the waist and she really can control her position in the coil so if i'm gonna reset i don't want to be out here or out here i want to shift my weight.

So i can be balanced so i cannot swing at the ball so i can hit a beautiful reset so i have more time to get to the kitchen it's alright to take a step back like this but what izzy did wrong when she took that step back she brought her arm back try again izzy keep that arm right there take that step back see that the paddle's out in front is he's a.

Genius so if someone hits a deeper dink in the court look at the man in pink take one step back and then step forward don't take all these small steps keep it simple so we can minimize variance of movement also if you can take it out of the air and not take a step back that'll be a little better focus on minimizing pickleball lovers do you agree with.

Coach izzy or do you think she's crazy please leave me comments please subscribe don't forget to have a good day
Learn how to dink with effective footwork with coach Joe Gmuer. Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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