Pro pickleball player Rick whitskin here today we're going to work on how to handle those speed UPS we do play those players that seem to indiscriminately speed up at us all the time well when you start keying in to your opponents doing that you can do a couple of things first if you're the one that pops it up then you can take a step back reset.

Still have your weight on your toes and then play the defensive shot from that position the other thing you need to get good at is resetting your volley the way I do that and recommend this technically is to meet it someone out front and loosen your grip and do a slight little curling action at impact so it drops down into the kitchen.

I'll show you an example of that right now pop it up back it up and there we go so you see I set my feet and then I came back in and the legs did play a role along with the light grip pressure in this next scenario I know I pop it up I'm not going to back up but I know I'm gonna have a loose grip pressure my goal is to take the pace off the ball because.

My opponent's penetrating on me and I don't want to get into that game of them hitting High hard balls down in my belly or my midsection and I keep popping them off so I'm trying to Pace of the ball by lighting up my grip and therefore resetting the pace of the rally right there I got down I lightened it up and it dropped right in the kitchen so.

Reset volleys and even a drop step when you have time that's how we handle that we are super happy to bring this channel to you hopefully you subscribe share and like because we care about taking your game to the next level if your game isn't be coming to you you should be coming to us
In this video, Rick Witsken describes how to handle players that speed up the ball in pickleball.