today we're going to go over how to add in overgrip to your pickleball paddle now if you've been playing with your paddle for a while it may be losing some tackiness it may just not look amazing so we're going to add in over grip onto our paddle today to make it feel fresh and look brand new things you're going.

To need to add and over grip are pen and scissors we're going to use these to make a nice clean cut at the end so it looks really professional you'll need your over grip which should come with a finishing tape for some reason if you don't have or you lose your finishing tape you can also use some electrical tape and then lastly you're obviously.

Going to need your pickleball paddle so to start what we're going to do is take our over grip here with that finishing tape you can just take that put it off to the side for now and if you unreal your over grip here you'll see that there is a little bit of plastic just take that off that's going to make it so that we keep it really nice and tacky as.

We grip our paddle now your grip will have two pieces one is going to be an angled tail piece that's what we're going to use to start our paddle and then the other end is going to be the ending or the top of the grip and that's just going to be as you see here a flat piece so let's start by the tail piece here and if you look on.

The inside of the tailpiece there's a piece of plastic that's going to cover some adhesive so you're going to want to take that off that's going to make it so it's easy and it sticks on the pedal while you're starting your grip and then from here you're going to take that tailpiece the bevels on the paddle here you can use.

Any bevel to start I like to start on one of the diagonal pieces so that's what I'm going to do here so I want to put that grip right on and if you look for me I like to put it just over the bottom of the butt cap that way I don't feel the body cap in my hands as I'm playing so I started on that angle and then what I'm going to do is overlap.

It one time I'm going to give it a little bit of tug here a little bit of tension as I go around one time once we get that to meet where it started you can see there's a little bit of overlap I'm going to go just a little more and then I'm going to start angling the grip downwards and then from here we're going to go the entire length of.

The grip keeping that same angle and same tension if you do no tension you might notice that the grip is going to wrinkle on you so that's why I'm giving it just a slight tug as I go down the grip also I'm going about an eighth to a quarter of an inch with my grip if you do a little more that's fine what's going to happen is if you over grip with.

More overlap there the grip will feel a little bigger it's going to build up a little bit more so if you want your grip to feel thicker you can overlap more but me I like to go about an eighth of an inch so now that I'm getting near the bottom of the grip we're going to get to a point where as you see we're finished we're at the very bottom but we have a.

Lot of slack left over as we come off the grip we're going to find the spot if you look at this black finishing tape that's holding the original grip on there that's where our finishing tape is also going to be and what we're going to do is find if you look here the bottom of the grip we're going to make a spot with our pin where.

That bottom of the grip is touching that black finishing tape all right so right here I'm going to make a DOT with my PIN okay now what we're going to do is bring that grip back off and we're now going to find the top of the grip where my thumb is here the top of the grip we want to make a DOT also.

Where that grip is meeting that original black finishing tape all right so if we can see I'm already pretty much on it and I'm going to put it right at that middle point about where that finishing tape is so again I'm going to take my PIN and I've got my DOT right there all right now if you unravel the grip.

Again you can see there are two dots and this is going to be kind of our cutting line you can if you want draw a line all right so with that line if I were to just over wrap this you can see that line is kind of following where that finishing tape will sit.

So you can see my line that I've drawn is following right where that finishing tape as you can see it right here where the dots are meeting up so we know that if we cut it along that line it's going to be lining up perfectly along that black finishing tape so now I'm going to cut my line here.

And it doesn't need to be perfect because your finishing tape will cover this cutting line so let's take the grip we're going to completely overwrap all the way to the top and you can see the cutting line is kind of going straight across now which is exactly what we're wanting.

All right now I'm going to hold the end where that grip is ending on the paddle I'm going to hold that with my right hand and I'm going to take my left hand to grab the finishing tape the best way to kind of do this here is to go maybe about halfway so you can see the grip in the black finishing tape I'm going to put where those lines meet I'm going to.

Make that the halfway point of the finishing tape so I'm going to take that finishing tape put it about halfway there all right and then there was that little plastic piece so I'm going to peel that off all right press that in there and then there's also another piece and this is.

Just to protect the adhesive layer so we can remove that all right and then like before a little bit of tension here you don't need to pull too much if you pull too much this may rip or you may just pull the grip to where it looks a little bit weird along that logo so just a slight amount of tension all right so now that we have.

That finishing tape on there we're going to just press it down and get it secure it in place and that's it we've now re-gripped a pickleball paddle this is something very quick and easy to do and not only does it look great it also feels very fresh I recommend switching these out maybe once a month if you're playing a few times a week or anytime.

That the grip gets a little soiled or it starts getting slipper in your hands if you want to shop these over grips feel free to check us out at and as always thanks for watching
Learn to grip a paddle in our latest how to guide.

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