Here well I'm looking for a more advanced serve what can I do well here's three ways you can do that the first way I mentioned the past is momentum shift you want to get your body through counting see how my back foot here is rotating through contact that helps me transfer my energy into the serve with lots of depth then John's.

Does it really really well the second way you can get a more advanced serve is follow the ball with your lever I mean by that my paddle is going to follow the ball let's finish it's going behind and I'm contacting here follow ball towards a Target helps the extension helps have been positive on the shot because a lot of people get calf tight when they serve.

That's the second key important thing the third key I've mentioned in another video is variety sometimes not many people mention this but if you do the same thing over and over and over and over again it may be a great server but people get used to it so it's not necessarily about a a technical thing it's a strategical.

Thing so sometimes you want to go for a bit of size spin it's a bit of cut