Are you a pickleball addict yeah like me today we're going into the pickleball store here in The Villages and talk to my friend Kelly all about court shoes the right fit the right look for you and your pickleball game or your beginner advanced you are going to get a lot of information out of this video and if you.

Stay until the end I will have a discount code for you where you can get some money off on some shoes here at the pickleball headquarters up on 466 and Southern trade shopping centers and if you're new to my channel I am Robin cavallaro a licensed realtor here in the State of Florida primarily selling the villages so don't forget to subscribe to.

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Okay this is Kelly and we're going to talk about shoes how to select the appropriate shoe for any level and we're going to talk about the difference of the shoes and also we're going to point out a couple of the shoes in the store and Kelly's going to tell you why she likes them why they're good.

And all of the qualities that they have and whether it be perfect for you to improve your game all right thanks Robin so pickleball one of the things we always forget is the most important piece of equipment in my opinion is your shoe if you don't have the proper court shoe to play you can really put yourself in a lot of danger.

To not be able to play in the future that's the last thing we want pickleball that can be the biggest competitive game it really is fun for everybody unless you get hurt if you get hurt you don't play and then that's not fun anymore it's not fun when you can't play no it really isn't so let's go over the wall of shoes and take a look at there is now.

Such a huge variety of shoes open to the public court shoes are Court shoes that you wear so that you're supported on the court people say is there a difference between tennis and pickleball shoes there is a little bit of a difference starting coming out that there they will be said.

To be pickleball shoes the difference between tennis and pickleball is pickle is anaerobic um tennis is aerobic so when you're playing pickleball you will be standing in a lateral position and move side to side tennis you're running a lot more of the courts depending on who you're playing the pickleball the goal is to.

Come up to the kitchen after you serve and you'll be moving in a lateral back and forth so as we look in these shoes across the board today we have three vendors we'll talk about K-Swiss Fila who's the number one tennis circuit and then tyrol which is a new shoe that's currently on the market and each of them have their place coming in but I was.

Asked earlier should a beginner wear one shoes should an advanced person wearing one shoe the difference right now is everybody should wear a shoe that's going to support them feet are different across the board as we get older we lose the fat in the pad in our foot so we need something a little bit more supportive and wide as.

We're younger our feet are a little bit narrower and we can carry something that's going to be a little bit narrower in the toe box so as we start looking at these particular shoes as a K-Swiss line you will see a pickleball shoe here has this large bump out and I've been asked on so many occasions what is this what's wrong.

With the shoe there's nothing wrong with the shoe again this is the bump out here it is correct what you're seeing is this is what supports you when you lean on your shoe for those outside shots and it doesn't let you roll your ankle your knee or your hip which cause are one of the biggest injuries once you roll that then.

You fall and you can break an arm so this shoe is protruded on the side to support your outside and your lateral moods on the bottom of the shoe this is one's a little bit been worn but you will see a pivot this pivot is super important again when you're pivoting on the court to support your movement nextly you will see the lines vary they.

Are to keep you from when you're going back with a lob from slipping they have traction and they'll stop you from going backwards in the K-Swiss line this is very well priced at ninety four dollars it's very structured closed toe wide bump out a lot of support for all players that might have had knee injured knee surgery.

Um hip replacements great shoe to wear at a great price okay one of the next shoes that's another really good seller that we have across the board is the Fila all right it's Fila Fila was the national brand for the U.S open this year why because Fila is a super comfortable shoe that has an.

Orthotic insert a majority of their pickleball shoes so they're comfortable their toe box is nice and wide so you can move your foot side to side okay they don't have the pronounced pivot in this particular line of shoes but other ones do they're nicely they will be pivoted though you can still pivot without having that circular they have a.

Nice arch support which is very comfortable when you're playing overall this shoe lasts a nice long time out on the court they have many brands in the Fila line that have a six month wear warranty which means if the sole of your shoe wears all the way down which you if you're a pickleball player you.

Will know it gets very smooth if that happens you can read before six months your receipt you can return the shoe and you get a free pair from Fila that I have right now in my closet seven no not nine pairs of sneakers in my closet and she's right I I say I bounce out of them but I wear them out because I play at least once a.

Day sometimes twice and sometimes three times okay I know I said it sometimes three times that's a problem but I have a problem and that's a problem we all have here in The Villages it's a pickleball issue okay so now we've talked about K-Swiss which I have K-Swiss and I like them they're a more narrow shoe for me the.

Fila has a wider toe box and that's more comfortable for my toes and I don't tie my sneakers really tight but I do put an insert to support my Arch um so I do have movement and I move I'm I'm fast out on the court so I do need something that's going to give me a lot of support so I don't roll oh.

Go over there I will say in The Villages being able to play Pickleball three times a day is not a problem I'm super jealous I'm working every day so I don't get to do that the next shoe um and soul that I'd like to talk about this is a tyrol shoe this is a new.

Manufacturer on the market if you notice the bottom of this shoe is black a lot of your tennis courts that have been transformed into pickleball courts say no black Souls Dark Souls that is said for regular sneakers any shoe that's a court shoe pickleball shoe will not put marks on the court only sneakers that aren't made to be on the.

Court in the first place so when you look at this tyrol shoe you'll see this word Vibram Vibram is a fantastic bottom because it wears so much better on the friction of an outdoor court that the wear time of a Tyro shoe right now in my in my opinion last almost twice as long of any other shoe.

Really let's take a look at that because I have these two I have them I have that one okay in the black and you notice I know you can't see this but this says heel stabilizer in the striker and the drive model this right here people say now if you look at this Robin right here you see I can't really move this this shoe.

This is this heel stabilizer this is a separate piece of plastic that goes into the chew and stops you from rolling over let's get a little and see if you can see I can feel that that's hard plastic and then this is softer breathing material yeah just hold that sticker right there okay that is a unbelievably important.

Piece to a sneaker um if though so this shoe has a wide toe box heel stabilizer but you get some wiggle room in there that's why you have these extra holes that no one uses have people go what the heck are they for you know what you laced my first pair of shoes great I'm Al Bundy so really what these.

Are for you can lace them in different ways but for people who need to tighten up the back of their heel I don't know where that noise just came from um you're gonna make them in a loop on either side okay.

These are called my rabbit ears okay and then you're going to put your tie right in the rabbit ear come on over here once you do that okay you're now going to pull this tight and this cooperating but it should when that happens this pulls this tight do you see what I'm saying this pulls.

The whole shoe this here okay and this once this is all laced up it will pull it tight and you will have a much more secure on your foot you don't always want that tightness so when you're done playing loosen them up take it out of the rabbit ear and then just tie them normally and when you're ready to play again you already have.

Your lump your Loops in the back of your shoe does that make sense it does here yeah so I'm going to reiterate there's a bunch of shoes to select and there's new shoes coming on the market all the time I would suggest that you really make sure you get a good name brand and invest in a good pair of shoes if you have a good pair of shoes you're.

Going to be stable on the court more than you are without having them and your play will do better um I actually tried just for my own self research I bought a pair of I don't know there was just they were just running shoes and tried to play and it was terrible because the the shoe sat a little bit higher off of the ground and.

I did not have that support and I could feel my ankles starting to turn and actually I was playing singles so I thought I was gonna actually break my ankle but then I I bought these so because I thought they were pretty and I can make them work they're actually what they call weightlifting shoes and they didn't work.

I bought these because they're pickleball shoes and they're the only ones that should be worn on the court that's it I like those too thank you um again these are a tyrol a Vibram bottom so when I move I move laterally okay when I'm in the position waiting my feet are completely secure so I don't feel like I have to worry about falling.

Right I can feel that support in my shoes that to me is worth its weight and goal and when I have those shoes and I'm stepping up you can any paddle is going to work better because I feel secure in what I'm doing and I I truly truly mean that if you don't have pickleball shoes on you shouldn't be playing.

That's mine I agree all right I hope you enjoyed this episode all about pickleball shoes and as promised I do have a discount code for 10 off if you call the store or come into the pickleball headquarters here in The Villages so if you use this code realtor Robin PB you'll get 10 off of your purchase now you can check out.

Their website I'll put that in the description below and it's below here and the address come on in and support a great local business and have some fun playing pickleball until next time going to play Pickleball no I'm not I'm getting ready for Hurricane Nicole.

Yeah or come look at a house with you or come look at our house with a closet for lots of shoes with a closet for lots of shoes and if you have anything to sew if you watch the last video if you have anything to sell Kelly will sell it for you so her mouth closed on that one all right we're out
If you are a serious or not-so-serious Pickleball player the right shoe will make the difference in your game and help your body cope with the stress it takes from playing. Today I am with my friend Kelli Campbell, owner of Pickleball HQ in The Villages, FL talking about the right shoes for your game.
The Pickleball HQ is located in Southern Trace Plaza on 466. They not only carry a variety of court shoes but equipment and apparel.
Stop in or call and use this code Realtor Robyn PB to receive 10% off your entire purchase!

Support a great local business and improve your game.
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