Sarah one segment my voice is really annoying i think that's why i'm not getting the views that i used to pickleball lovers please leave me comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day hello pickleballers i am sarah weiss director of team prolight here to teach you how to set up the ernie.

Most people will think that the skill required to do an ernie is all about hitting the ernie now i see a lot of incredible pros that hit ernie's very different than i do and i actually don't see many who hit it like i do because i wanted to learn how to do the ernie as a beginner so for all you beginners out there thinking i can't do an ernie.

That's for the the amazing players of pickleball i'm here to tell you that i can teach you how to do an ernie even if you're a beginner and it's not about the ernie it's about the setup so i'm going to show you how i set up almost every single ernie i do and how i get myself in position to hit.

That ernie as they're getting ready to hit the ball i gave them so i'm going to show you here that as i get the setup i'm going to be moving already so where i'm putting that ball is about the ernie i'm consciously thinking of this all the time so when.

You guys are practicing or drilling this or playing a rec game and you want to see if you can do it the key is to dink the ball past the non-volley line just beside or behind their feet especially if you got them on the backhand so if you're on the right side.

Of the court and you're hitting against a right-handed player and you do a straight across dink from your side to their back hand even if it's right beside their feet but ideally nice and low but with enough oomph to get past their feet you can assume that because they don't have the right angle to cross-court it.

That it's probably coming straight back to you now as you hit that shot if you know that it's gonna land where you want it you can already begin to move into position so and as you do that you're going to get ready to hit that out of the air without hitting the net and without being on the kitchen so you want to make sure that you get off nice and.

And far off the kitchen and get your hand ready to smack it back at them not even hard but in a way for me as you can tell i like to pop it i kind of pop it at them so that i'm not following through and hitting the net and you'll see the pros when they do it they've got this nice follow through and it's fluid motion the timing's perfect.

But hey i wanted to learn this as a beginner and as a beginner i couldn't do that so i got myself in position so that i could just smack it back and pop it back that way now what's awesome about this is that because i'm moving early it does a couple of different things so the person who's hitting it if they're looking down.

At the ball they're gonna have a hard time seeing that i'm coming over early but if they do see it it's gonna change up their response so instead of doing what they thought they were gonna do they might have to think oh geez i gotta get in a different position and hit it across court so she doesn't hit or lob it over her which gives them a little.

Pattern break a little thought disrupt and forces them to make a decision what it also does is it tells my partner early that i'm moving over so he or she might have to cover that spot if i miss it so they have lots of time to make that decision and because i'm hitting it in a way that they're not going to be able to get a great angle from behind.

Their feet my partner is comfortable knowing that if he or she moves over chances are very high that the ball is coming right to them if i miss it now you can do this from the non-volley zone while in a dinking rally or you can even do it in transition if while you're moving up through the non-volley zone.

And you're playing the soft game if you can get that ball to the outside line where it lands just beside or beyond their feet you can get ready to make that shot from there as well as you can see here if you notice that you're doing a straight on dinking back and forth with the person in front of you then slowly.

Work that ball to the outside line until you're comfortable that you know it's coming straight back out at you and if you're doing a straight back and forth thinking that becomes a bit of a pattern so you can get more and more prepared as you push the ball a little closer to the line as soon as you know that that's going to land in in the perfect spot.

Jump across the kitchen get ready and put your paddle up to smack it down at them this is easy to drill with a partner you just keep going back and forth with each other straight across and as you get that perfect shot get ready jump over the kitchen and hit it back at them and what you're going to notice is that.

A lot of the time that shot alone is going to get you a point before you even have the chance to earn it because it's an awkward spot to hit from that's why it typically comes straight back at you instead of cross court sarah you did such a good job you got tons of subscribers for us can you give me any tips like negative reinforcement i work.

Best with negative reinforcement i know i have an annoying voice but i didn't know all this who said this david
Learn when and how to do the Erne shot, one of the most exciting shots in Pickleball! Watch today TIPS in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more!
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