Has the third shot really been dragging you down pickleball lovers please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day so lay back and enjoy this is going to be a good lesson how do you drop consistently first technique your technique has to be right your footwork has to be right as you hit you should be.

Moving forward is it drilling you have to drill a lot muscle memory be able to drop from every single point on the court with that comes a lot better results and tournaments and we get this lesson started so this is a great drill to do with a partner one person starts at the kitchen the other person starts at the baseline the person the baseline.

Makes that weight that is beautiful work your way back to the baseline if you can good work your way back to the baseline beautiful now try to work your way up try to work your way up nice nice.

Nice and if you're watching the video jeanette grip's too tight yeah loosey-goosey so basically it's like dropping from any point on the court if you can get confident doing this you can really be a 5-0 basically you're dinking from the baseline i think that's as simple as i can make it if.

You're really struggling in a torment pretend like you're hidden a dink from the baseline you won't go as horizontal you want to think of the sky when you're dropping that way when you're a little nervous in a tournament you won't hit in the net you'll just hit a little high and you can hit a reset because you have confidence yeah better.

Higher okay i know exactly what's wrong why are you hidden more horizontal well yes but what's happening instead of stepping here and see how my pedal is out in front as you step you're bringing it back here almost as.

You bring it back here you have to move forward through the ball opposed to pushing up into the sky does that make any sense you want to push up in the sky because you want time to get to the kitchen a lot of 3-0 players want to hit harder so they can get to.

The kitchen because they don't have as much confidence in that third shot drop what i'm saying is if you hit it a little higher you have a little more time to get to the kitchen what you want to do in pickleball i would suggest a loose wrist most people pop up that drop because they are swinging too late and my wrist is to when we're dropping we.

Want to step push off and then hit step push off and then hit the sky yes better it's okay to walk through it but when you walk through it i'm pushing up at the sky yeah walking through it is not bad because you wanted someone beautiful good yes nice soft hands nice soft hand.

Beautiful see the sound of that coming off perfect perfect perfect just like with dinking we need to keep the pedal out in front of us if we hit that ball behind us it's going to pop up or it's going to go too hard they're going to hit it at our feet and we're going to lose the point unless we're really really good at resetting so how do we.

Get more confidence in our drops this is original idea by me one game in pickleball pop up every single third shot drop and practice resetting pop up every single one practice resetting no this is original drive or drop tell yourself i feel like you're almost here and i'm trying to aim for a drive yeah.

I feel like you're almost hitting a hybrid between a drop and drive and that's what i do when i make a lot of mistakes it's like i'm not picking the shot okay yeah yeah pickleball lovers any other good third shot drills please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day there's so many more videos go.

Ahead cancel your plans for the day and click on one then watch another one because you support pitball you support our station and honestly is that really more to life than pickleball don't forget to subscribe and don't forget to have a good day
Learn how to make your 3rd shot drop more consistent with coach Joey Gmuer. Watch today’s pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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