Okay guys dave wars here don't forget to like and subscribe on the dave wars channel pickleball channel hey i want to thank you everybody for subscribing uh please i got a lot of views and i got a lot of comments that were uh very helpful and i appreciate everybody uh you know subscribing and liking i'm gonna try to do some more videos uh the.

Instructional seem to be working really well so today's lesson we're going to do is we're going to do the uh the it's it's more of a you're up at the kitchen and it's gonna be i would say a top spin underhand roll and what happened is uh you're gonna do your same grip you know right in the.

Middle shake hand grip you don't change your grip at all and what you want to do is you want to come you know the ball's coming at you and normally everybody just straightens their arm and just hits it back and they don't realize that is you can make an offensive weapon out of this one here you can do is you're trying to roll roll.

And get top spin on the ball and roll it so it it create it goes up and then it'll sink and then when you when i do it i want to aim exactly for his feet or his ankle and stuff because it's it's very hard for people to to bend down lower and stuff so uh we'll go pat's going to feed me some balls i'm going to do an underhand.

Uh topspin i think it's called like a roll or something so uh here we go pat okay here we go see normally people will just hit it up and and they don't make it's mainly an offensive shot see.

Everybody hits that ball up but if you do it you roll it you know you roll see that's a good shot one one more pat sorry okay that was the difference between what you shouldn't do and what you should do here we'll do one.

More uh with the roller here okay guys so this is a good little exercise and stuff it takes it too i didn't practice this drill for in a while but it took me a little bit to get the timing down uh but the important thing is when you do hit this shot.

Uh you just you don't want to overheat it you want to you want to just try to keep it down the feet so basically you're just trying to hit and roll up if you run hit and roll forward the ball is going to go deep so you want to hit and then roll up so it creates hospin the ball goes in and so.

You did see some stuff where i d you know that you do it incorrectly and just you just block it back but as you get better you're playing you want to spin it and get top spin to get it go deep so hopefully this video was helpful uh please subscribe to the dave worst.

Pickleball channel and i appreciate everybody thank you very much
Spinning the ball and aiming for there feet