Hey guys clifford here in this video i'm gonna talk about the backhand wall okay this is a shot you definitely need when you start getting better at pickleball okay in this video i'm gonna teach you how to do it the technique and when to do it i'm gonna explain how i learn it from table tennis and how i translate it from table tennis to.

Pickleball okay without further ado let's go into it before i show you how i do it like in pickleball please don't forget to subscribe i will show you how i translate my backing from table tennis to pickleball all right let's go over there.

This is the way i hold my racket right because in table tennis we use a lot of wrists okay so i remember the video i did when i say all you have to do just move like that okay you move your feet like let's say 40 45 degrees so you can have that perfect angle so you it can be very easy for you.

To hit the forehand people was asking me okay so how you're gonna hit it with your back end is the same thing actually that make my back end more easy all right this is the thing the same thing when i'm doing my backing and table tennis this is the way i stand all right this is the way i do my back and then table tennis and i do the same.

Thing to impeccable and it's make it very easy all right so a closer look the way i want my backhand you see that is all wrists see it's all wreath the racket of table tennis and the paddle of pickleball are very different this is why and table tennis.

I can bend my wrist completely like looking down and i can still when i do that i put even more spin on the ball as i say because the rubber allow me okay to grab the ball and spin it okay.

But in pickleball if i try to do that it's not gonna happen because it's just plastic so all you have to do the trick is okay you have to create like let's say a angle so the ball can sit on it okay something like that okay so if you watch closely when i'm doing my.

Back and wall and pickleball okay i create like an angle so when the ball come he's gonna sit on it when i feel the ball now i use my wrist i turn it over your initial position okay paddle in front of you and when that ball is coming at you you just turn your paddle.

Okay so you can see initial position okay when the ball is coming at you you open it and you create that angle okay but sometimes i don't put my paddle up like that i'm just down like this as you can see okay i'm down like this that makes me even faster when i got my paddle hidden there okay when the ball.

Come i open create the angle and i wall it okay i roll it like this and this is the shot so if the ball is too low if i'm catching the ball here and the ground if i put spin on it so that ball is going up okay if that player is ready what he's gonna do is just gonna smash it so you have to be careful when you're doing the back.

And wall okay so let's say i'm gonna try to get too high try to make it short okay i'm wallet you see it's very low as you can see i'm using my legs i'm going down going down okay going down going down.

Yeah it's swinging okay i'm going down okay see i cannot take it out of there this one i can take it i can take it so the thing about the spin you don't have to hit the ball hard the spin will do the job for you okay so.

It's very easy you get the ball you create that handle for the ball right and after that you you roll it you roll it you roll it you roll it you roll it.

Okay but you have to use your legs and until they'll pop it up for you okay so this is an advanced shot all right but everybody can do it so now you know the technique you know you have to use your legs you have to create that short.

Angle for the ball and just wall it right sometimes you don't even have to use your wrist right you can lock your wrist get the angle and just push forward hey guys that's it for today if you like the video please don't forget to subscribe and i'll see you next time you
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