Hi everyone Clifford here in this video we're gonna take another look at blocking one of the shots I believe many people are struggling with every time they speed up the volatio at the net when you playing against Banger this is how you start making unforced error you get body bagging and lose the point in this video we're gonna teach you how to.

Block so you can play better and have more fun without further Ado let's go right into it to be honest blocking is one of my favorite shot and pickleball okay since my background is mostly from table tennis but there is two type of blood in this video we're gonna go over each one.

And when to apply them okay but first let's start with the mechanic as I said before there's two type of blocking the first one when they speed up the ball at you at the net and you're not ready you start doing this and that okay and the other one when your opponent Drive their third shot drop okay so now let's start with the first one you cannot be like.

This waiting for the ball you always have to be ready okay because you don't want them to take you by surprise okay in my case if I want to block a ball that is coming like a front of me I'm gonna have my paddle like this watch so all I'm gonna do right now I'm just gonna open my paddles and put it off front of me so as you can see my arm.

Okay comes from here to this my wrist is not moving okay so if I'm like this all I'm gonna do right now I'm gonna do this so by doing this and got that angle on my paddle if I have it like this the ball is gonna go to the net okay but if I have that slightly angle that ball is gonna do that curve he's gonna go.

Over the net so now I can decide if I want that ball to go fast or slow more tension I put on my grip the faster the ball is gonna come back to my opponent so if I want that ball to get in the kitchen I'm gonna lose my grip there is a great way for you to practice that this is what we're gonna do if you can try like a wall if you don't have a.

Partner so you're gonna go to the wall and you're gonna have your initial position like this all I'm doing right now I don't know if you can see that okay so you remember that initial position you only blocking so actually when you're making contact this is how you're supposed to be when I'm blocking when I'm like this and I just block like.

That okay from there I can decide where I want to send the ball I need you to see what I'm going to do right now all right all right I'm ready and when the ball is coming at me I just open my paddle and let the ball hit the face of my paddle let's say your opponent you instead of doing like.

A third shot drop they drag the ball at you hard okay this is where you don't need like to block the ball shot you can do it but usually you block it hard okay try to block that ball at the feet to keep them back and your block should be like deep enough very deep and fast to keep them back make it very hard for them like to do a third shot drop or to.

Drive it again at you you're gonna have the same motion okay usually when you block in you want the ball to stay you just open your paddle and you stay like this okay but now you want to push the ball you open it and you push it Forward okay like let's go back again ready position you open it and push it Forward okay this is how you block the.

Ball so I'm not gonna tell you to use your wrist more advanced player they can use their wrist okay to place it it would be something like that I open it I push it and at the last minute before the ball leaves my paddle I move my wrist so it would be something like that I block it push it and move my waist I broke it.

Push it and I can move it into that corner I think blocking is definitely a shot you need in Your Arsenal okay because it is a great way like to use the speed of your opponent against them when somebody tries to take you by surprise with some speed up you can reset the ball and not making unforceable but for that you have to.

Practice this I hope guys really you like the video and if you do don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time thank you
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