If you just clicked on this thumbnail you're in the right place because you probably don't have paddle control and these drills will really help they really will pickleball lovers don't forget to have a good day without further Ado seniorpro Martin potovich to get you better paddle.

Control at pickleball this is Senior Pro Magna potovich has a chance to win Senior Pro on Friday at Del Rey good luck I know he'll have a good chance because he has great paddle control first start out by bouncing the ball on your paddle anti-climatic I know but we need to start somewhere it's going to get a lot tougher I assure you next we.

Flip that paddle over right one side then the other one side then the other and what does this somewhat resemble forehand to back in and you don't need a court to do these paddle control exercises then grained in your head already so when you go to a tournament I'd recommend doing them just.

To warm up that's all I'm saying for the next progression with swiping sideways right spending slice backhand returns all these motions we use and it's going to give us more control here's another view we just upgraded cameras here the pickleball Pirates 4K pretty cool I know and with those new carbon fiber paddles what can we do get more spin right do.

This drill and save 10 to get more spin with that new pickleball paddle I consider myself a 5-0 at pickleball I want to be Pro why am I doing these simple paddle control exercises because the more I can keep it on my paddle the more I can manipulate it and spin it with these new carbon fiber paddles.

Checking discounts for descriptions it keeps us in business we're gonna get back to the activities I swear but take a look at Mark in the near right hand corner look at this shot that's insane right but then Ed Perez gets it pro and Perez that's right but look at his control it looks like he hit it somewhat on the edge but he stuck.

With it right one more thing when you do these drills focus on your wrist can you build that wrist movement when you hit it what is that wrist doing because the more you play Pickleball the stronger it will get the shorter your Strokes will get and the better you'll be able to speed it up right marks in the bottom right hand.

Corner watch this first shot most three fives most 40 speed that upright and will go in slow motion I swear take a look most three fives try to speed that up the out of position and they are in trouble right and why do they do that because they don't trust that paddle control and that's why you're here so this is the next progression hit on the.

Paddle then hit on the edge of the paddle right paddle the then the edge a paddle this one was tough it's windy but Mark did a really good job now one thing I watched the video he's hidden on the same side of the paddle every single time after he hits on the edge what I would advise a different iteration Edge side A of paddle Edge side B of panel.

Edge and this is a tough one it's a tough one and Mark did a pretty good job the point of this one is to roll the ball over as you rotate your paddle without the ball leaving contact with the paddle if you get good at this I would suggest an egg you'll really impress your pickleball friends one of my clients asked me how long should I do.

Each progression I looked them in the eye I set three minutes look I really don't know but I would advise a minute right as you get better at these progressions I would advise when you're bouncing the ball on that paddle try to hit the bottom try to hit the middle try to hit the top because when you're resetting you should probably hit more.

Of the bottom of the paddle that should be a little more controlled there and this is a last progression you can have someone feed you the ball or use a spin shop ball machine that's an offer in the description for you but bounce it on the paddle once right then think it that's simple bounce on the pedal ones then dink it.

pickleball lovers take a look at that video it was so good but first let me say do you have good paddle control what are some activities you do to get better at it please leave it in comments Please Subscribe I'm trying just to keep you here a little longer on this Monday and don't forget to have a good day.

PPR Certified Coach Joey Gmuer breaks down Paddle Control Exercises for Beginners in Pickleball.

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