Hey everyone Nick here at the Pickler today we’re here with another shot tutorial today we are going to be working on more of a defensive shot this time we are going to be working on blocking volleys and hard drives this is going to be a great shot tutorial on pretty much how to be bangers so make sure you watch the whole thing we’re.

Going to be going over what the shot is how to execute it when to execute it and finally how to practice it so let’s get into the video all right guys so let’s go over what this shot is first so a block is really.

Self-explanatory it’s anytime the ball is coming really fast at us and all we got to do is absorb the shot and have it bounce nice and easy over the net now this is mostly going to be used on defense this isn’t an offensive shot at all also this can be used at any level so whether you’re just beginning or you’re a 50 plus player this is a great.

Shot to have in your inventory all righty guys so let’s go over what this shot is first so obviously as you can tell from hearing a block shot is a defensive shot pretty much what the goal of this is going to be it’s as someone is hitting a hard shot at you we’re going to bring our paddle in absorbing the ball and just killing it try to hit.

It short to force the opponent to come to the kitchen or force them to make a mistake the best thing about this shot is it can be played and used at any level so whether you’re just beginning at a 3 or even a 50 plus this is a great shot to have in your r and execute anytime during the play all right let’s show how to execute this shot now so.

Obviously we’re going to be in our ready position right at the kitchen we always want our paddle in a neutral position now when you’re blocking you can do a forehand or a backhand right now we’re just going to focus on backand because that’s the most important one so like I said we’re going to go in our neutral position and a common mistake that most.

People want to do is they want to go for the ball the reason why we don’t want to do that is cuz as we’re swinging it’s going to have more pop than we like possibly going out of bounds or really high and as we’re swinging for it the paddle facing the sky which is what we don’t want so how we’re going to fix this is just be a little more patient.

And we’re going to bring our paddle into US nice and flat if you look at this paddle it’s nice and flat and it’s not facing up or it’s facing down that’s going to force the ball to go right at the opponent’s feet forcing them to either pop it up or make a mistake so like I said when we’re hitting it we’re not going to go out for the ball we’re.

Going to bring our paddle in and let the ball do all the work all right so now that I’ve explained how to do it now we’re going to show it you how it’s done in person first I’m going to show you the wrong way to do it then we’re going to show you the correct way to do it so watch just when I do it the wrong way so I’m going to feed a ball yeah there we.

Go all righty so as you can see there as I reached for it the ball went really high either going to go out of bounds or allowing your opponent to hit an overhead so now let’s show the right way remember we’re going to start at neutral we’re going to bring the ball paddle in and then we should hit a nice soft shot right to the ground at their feet so.

Another time the right way all righty so like I said as I pull the paddle in I let the ball do all the work and now I’m hitting it nice and soft in the kitchen forcing the opponent to either like I said make a mistake or he’s going to have to come up and play the soft game all right last but not least let’s show you guys how to.

Practice this is a really easy shot to practice you can either use a ball machine or a drilling partner as you can see I have a bucket of balls here I’m with my drilling partner Tim and all I’m going to do is I’m going to feed him balls get in my ready position and have him drive him at me working on that block shot so like I said I’m going to.

Feed him balls working on working on blocking it grab another ball working on blocking it and that is how you practice the block shot
Hey guys thanks for watching this Tips Tuesday video with Nick. Today we go over how to block in pickleball.

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