Hey everybody we're going to be talking about being positive on the court I see a lot of people being negative or you know somebody misses a shot and they're like oh my goodness you know very negative toward their partner or their you know just giving off bad vibes so today we have die she's miked up and you're gonna be hearing her being very.

Positive you want to be positive on the court and you also are looking for you know a partner that's positive as well sometimes they can be pretty enthusiastic yeah you get the idea well I had some mics on faith I had some mics on Sani and Dad but we ran into some technical.

Difficulties so here's a Quick Clip before we get into it great job to you 301. thank you nice shot to you 401.

God Bless America yeah way to be there great shot require that ah good hands.

Let's go six out one foreign great drop oh nice job to you.

Foreign stealing my scooter looking like they have more fun doing that than actually playing pickleball next game we're against the thieves that stole my scooter which they crashed by the way uh off camera so I have no proof.

Whatever I gave Sani a mic so you'll hear uh Sani and I are miked up now you'll hear Sani be optimistic trying to change strategy and being positive go yeah.

let's do it actually here we go yeah we got we gotta soften both of us.

foreign so be positive stay focused to have fun out there let me know in the comments if you agree with me should you be positive should you just be focused and not say anything you know what I mean tell me.

What kind of player you are hope you guys enjoyed the video like subscribe notifications see you on the court soon that's all right it's a great idea oh wait on my bed okay sounds gonna.

Break my leg
Dy and Sanny exemplify positive Pickleball. It’s partners playing positive pickleball!