Because I don't smoke anything hey guys Kim boshrush here are you ready to take your game to the next level we've got three simple strategies to help you improve on efficiency and accuracy of your shots let's get to it if you're like me and enjoy pickleball instructional videos check out Cliff.

Pickleball like And subscribe and you can continue to improve your game so another great strategy is dealing with your weight transfer a lot of people hear this and they don't quite know what we're talking about it's very simple so when I'm at the net and I have my paddle up my paddle foot is slightly out this creates a natural way to.

Transfer my weight when I'm making contact with the ball so if my paddle is up and the ball comes I can easily push through the ball as opposed to letting it get too close me and popping it up you can picture it like you have a button under your big toe when I reach out I push that button which now engages my core and my shoulder down my leg as.

Opposed to a big back swing so if you're having problems with backswing this is definitely something you want to try so as about the ball comes I'm simply pushing that button on my toe making contact and that creates a follow through my big toe goes down my back foot heel comes up and now I can engage my entire body for more power as opposed.

To just swinging so when we talk about our paddle position our weight transfer I can show you that in a dink my partner is going to dink me the ball and you'll see as I make contact go ahead and Dink me one so where my paddles end it stays in front of me.

So it's a nice calm motion now when I want to go speed the ball up I can take well let me get a little bit deeper here now I can put the ball down the middle because I transferred weight to my main foot and allowed my back foot to come up this engage my core as opposed to waiting stopping slapping so it's a low to high push off as opposed to a slap to.

The ball that weight transfer makes a huge difference it'll help with your movement it'll also reduce injuries most people learn when they first start pickleball that I need to be dead in the center with my paddle up but let me help improve your game if you move just slightly over meaning this is the most vulnerable part of our court now I can.

Protect it without having to cross over so by moving over slightly I still can cover the middle comfortably with my forehand but I also can now make most of my dinks for hand as well as opposed to having to do this and cross over to get this ball let's see how that looks and thinking situation okay so I have my partner here and our.

Drill partner here we're first going to get in our correct position so on this side on the left side I'm going to be slightly to the left so that I can turn my body to wherever the ball is going my partner here is going to be slightly to the right so that I can still protect the Middle with my forehand he's going to protect the line that's going to be.

His main job during our dinking so let's have our drill partner fuse the ball and see how that looks so I'm thinking my partner has it I still have the middle so as you can see we're comfortable we don't have to be pinched in the middle I still can easily get to the ball and.

It's all coming my forehand now now I can step and I'm still back if that ball would come in the middle so by maintaining your position slightly off the center I now can turn my dinks into forehand which creates more control as opposed to trying to cross over which creates your pop-up I'm still comfortable in the middle because it's a.

Simple shift and I can maintain where my paddle ends and my partner isn't having to guess whose ball is mine and whose ball is his implement this in your game and you'll definitely improve at the net so one of the main questions we get is how do I transition to the net a lot of people will take off running and the ball will just simply fly past them or.

Fly into them it'll create the pop-up because they're getting caught at the feet how do we fix that it's very simple we just don't run together parallel so if my partner is here I should be here because now as I drop shot the ball or drive it has to cross my partner owner's plane which creates what the poaching opportunity I want to put him to work as.

Opposed to just me hitting the ball constantly I can drop shot drop shot and he can look to take that pouch let's see how that looks in a point so as you can see they both safely and effectively made it to the net nobody was running no ball got passed this player is looking for the post so now we're going to see that same drill and.

Create the poaching opportunity so I'm going to feed the ball again through this player here let him drive or drop the ball while the other player transitions all right here we go it's as simple as that if the ball goes in the middle she's like coming back in the middle it's another.

Quick tip but by transitioning not next to each other you're creating the post you also have one player who's moving to the net and is in place while the other player is still in the move and they can protect them implement this in your game you'll definitely see an improvement so as you can see you can take simple little adjustments to your game and.

It'll really improve it'll help you get to the net more efficiently it'll slow down your game so that you can make better more quality shots I'm Kim boshrush and I have had the pleasure of playing with Alejandro gassen say that 10 times remember to like And subscribe to click pickleball we'll see you soon
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