The Pareto Principle 20% of your actions willaccount for 80% percent of your results this principle applies to many different aspectsof life including bettering your pickleball game I hate to say it but mastering the ATP orperfecting your spin serve isn't what's crucial to taking your game to a higher level if youwant to improve you need to focus on the key few things that will account for the vast majorityof your results in today's video I'm going to take you through the top 4 things to focus on so thatyou can efficiently improve your pickleball game someone who played tennis their whole life I'vehad a lot of time to think about what it takes to improve at a racket sport by applying this mindsetto pickleball I was able to get to a professional level within my first year of playing if theseare the kind of results that you're looking for.

Make sure to watch till the end because thisinformation could change the course of your pickleball career forever the first principlethat I want to go over is that while technique is important having perfect technique isn't themost important aspect to improving in fact if you spend too much time adjusting your Technique andworrying about it you'll slow down your progress in the long run don't get me wrong if you juststarted playing or your Technique is super bad then you should do what you can to fix it but frommy understanding most players that I see generally have good enough technique to work with at thebeginning of your pickleball Journey you should do your research on what the right technique ison every shot after you get this down you should change this technique very little aside fromthe little adjustments you make every so often.

To prevent yourself from developing bad habits ifyou're someone that's been playing a while and you feel that your Technique is off you should makeall the changes that you feel are necessary after these are set though you should make minimalchanges throughout the rest of your career the key is to give yourself a solid base that you canbuild on after a certain level of technique small incremental changes won't make that much of adifference so Master the fundamentals and once you have them down only make small changesthroughout the remainder of your career to recap having the right technique is one of themost important aspects to becoming a better player but if you worry about this too much it can takeyour focus away from the more important things that we're going to go through later in the videoonce you've locked onto the right technique the.

Number one thing that will make you improve ishitting a million balls this is by far the most crucial aspect to your progress if you're onlyplaying an hour a week it doesn't matter how well you know the strategy how good your paddle is orthat you spent your entire Friday night watching pickleball videos just know that the speed of yourprogress in pickleball will be directly correlated with the amount of balls that you hit I know itseems obvious but many people actually overlook this one of the main things that players alsodon't understand is that you can't just learn the basic technique and then go and play gamesthe rest of your career I know it may not be as fun but if you want to improve you need to dodrills you see the amount of intention that we put behind every shot that we hit is one of the maincomponents to how quickly we will improve when we.

Drill we give ourselves the ability to isolateone shot at a time so that we can develop the right habits extremely fast if we hit our millionshots only in Rec games sure we'll still improve but it will be slower and we may form bad habitsalong the way the question is how do we drill if we normally only play games one of the best waysto drill is with one other person if you want to learn the top five drills for two people we'lllink you to another video at the end however if you don't have anyone to drill with the best wayto draw on your own is to hit against a wall I'm a firm believer that every pickleball playershould have a wall practice routine that they do on a regular basis considering most peoplehave a wall at their house this is also one of the most accessible ways to train think if youhit against the wall a few minutes every day.

You're going to hit thousands of more shots perweek and every time that you make contact with the ball you're subconsciously strengthening theconnection between the paddle face and your brain this is the case regardless of whether you'reon the court or training against the wall the key is that you're being intentional with everyshot which is why I recommend using sling link the dink pad for wall drills the dink pad can alsojust serve as a motivating tool as doing drills on a blank wall could be repetitive and boring ifyou want to check out the dink guide we have a link below in the description over time trustme guys incorporate a while routine into your game and you will see crazy results either wayjust know that hitting more balls will equate to faster progress if there is one thing that you cantake away from this video it's this so please take.

Action and add some drilling into your scheduleso now that you're going to hit way more balls because of your new wall training routine we needto think about what parts of your game you should focus on more specifically we need to talk aboutthe mindset that you need to have in addressing your strengths and weaknesses before we get intothis I want to consider the different importances of shots in pickleball in terms of how much youshould practice them in my opinion this is related to how fundamental they are to constructing pointsand their difficulty so looking at this list this is how I think that you should prioritize thedifferent aspects of your game the key is that you take this list and mold it to your own strengthsand weaknesses if you're a new player and coming from a tennis background most likely your volleysare great you probably need to prioritize working.

On drops dinks and the more pickleball specificshots or maybe you're a very forehand dominant player and you need to develop a stronger backhandeither way what's important is that you understand each part of your game and you work extra hardon your weaknesses to make sure that all of your shots improve in unison if you seriously neglectany part of your game then no matter how good you get your game will always have holes this willcreate easy targets for your opponents and it will make it far simpler for them to developand execute strategy against you when it comes to strengths you should also make sure that youput sufficient time into training these these shots are how you're going to win points so youneed to make sure that they're going to perform consistently under pressure as a holdout thenumber one part of your game that you should focus.

On for long-term progress is your ability to moveforward and win points from the net I see so many players that are reluctant to move forward andtry to win many of their points with hard drives from the back this strategy may work when you'rejust starting out but as you start playing against more experienced players you need to be ableto move forward and finish off points from the kitchen line please if you're the type of playerthat doesn't like to move forward in your games this is your reminder to force yourself to do thiswhen you play another highly overlooked aspect of improving is focusing on bettering your movementhaving unbelievably good hands and reflexes at the net doesn't matter if it takes you five minutes toget there I'm not saying that you need to become Hussein bolt to improve your pickleball game I'msimply addressing that improving your movement.

Will make a big difference especially if you'rethe type of player who struggles in this category one of the best ways to improve your movement isto incorporate a pre-practice warm-up routine if you're walking out to play stiff and sore you'renot going to have nearly as much maneuverability and you're also increasing your chances of injurybecause of this I recommend that you incorporate a dynamic warm-up into your pickleball routinetrust me it'll be worth it obviously increasing your leg strength your mobility and losingweight will help your movement too so you should definitely look into these if you feellike they could help your game but in terms of immediate benefits I feel like introducinga physical warm-up is one of the fastest ways to improve your on-court movement when it comesto developing new aspects to your game obviously.

Drilling is the best way to pick up new skillsbut drilling is limited and that we're not always simulating a realistic situation that we wouldcome across in a game because of this I want to introduce the idea of playing games to improverather than to win when most Rec players play a game with their friends their sole intention is towin the game and this is fun I get it pickleball is competitive but if you're the type of playerthat wants to take their game to new heights which I assume you are if you've made it thisfar in the video then sometimes you need to force yourself to use new skills that you aren't fullycomfortable with in games this might mean that you won't win these games but that's totally fineby developing these skills you'll win more in the long run you'll also take your game to a higherlevel which will be fulfilling and it will make.

Playing more fun the perfect example of this issomeone who tends to only drive their third shot playing a game where they tell themselves thatthey will only use their job yes you're going to miss some but this is the only way that you'lllearn to master this shot in actual games you can take this mentality and apply it to any partof your game it makes you feel more comfortable you can even tell your partner or opponents thatyou're going to be working on something before the game maybe they'll want to work on it too in myopinion whenever you're playing a game you should always be working on something sometimes it'llbe big and sometimes it'll be small either way this is the mindset that you need to have ifyou want to change your game for the better in the long run and if you want to enter our summergiveaway watch this video to find out how foreign.

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In this video we go over simple & essential Pickleball mindsets that will help you get better in no time. We go over 5 Pickleball tips that will help you have better strategy and a better game. Pros like Ben Johns, Tyson Mcguffin, Julian Arnold, Parris Todd, and Zane Navratil use these tips to win even at pro tournaments. This video is for you no matter what your level is (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, etc). If you like the content we’re making for Pickleball improvement, like & subscribe! We’d really appreciate it.

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