Lots of pickleball news to cover from this past week so let's get right into it app had a pro tournament held in Daytona Florida and unfortunately the app only streamed days three and four so there was no video live stream of days one and two and we missed out on Singles day and mixed doubles day the other two days were streamed on ESPN plus which.

You needed a subscription for so it was behind a paywall they did have a stream going on their YouTube channel which kept a standstill camera at a specific Court the entire day even though there was no live stream on Thursday for singles day doesn't mean people weren't able to record using their phone and that's exactly what happened with a.

Women's semifinals singles matchup between Salome davite and Megan fudge DaVita doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to line calls even having extra line judges requested in previous matches you had this video from memes of pickleball and tropical pickleball of a vertical view from this match and apparently the score is 10 to 9. David.

Say is up in its match point thank you oh my God and yeah this one was bad you can even see blue between the ball and the line I don't even think it touched the line and David said called it out because there was no stream going on players didn't have the ability to challenge calls.

Using replay and from the rulebook players shout out call a ball out unless they can clearly see a space between the line and the ball as it hits the ground and you'd think a ball like this would have gotten overturned but someone asked in the comments did the refs overturn the call and Tropic replies no they did not I don't think much blame can be put.

On the referee we don't know what view they had and it's possible that David say blocked the referee's view when the ball landed David say went on to play Paris Todd in the winners bracket final ends up losing and then plays fudge again in the bronze medal match and the winner Advanced to the final and for this match there were quite a few extra.

Line judges called in devite still went on to win 11 3 11-6 so without Hawkeye technology what's the best way to solve this problem David say isn't the only player who routinely makes questionable calls but certainly has the reputation at this point can this be fixed through social pressure as other players and fans criticize players to a point where.

They make much more fair calls should rest play a bigger part in making line calls players are going to make line call mistakes but there is definitely opportunity for players to get an unfair competitive advantage in this current format Hawkeye technology will cost around sixty thousand dollars to implement so should these tours start.

Investing in this technology I think so considering how high the prize money is getting there's another problem with Hawkeye technology and that it's not designed for pickleball so the cost might increase significantly due to having to create brand new software David say won that match to advance the championship Sunday where she ended up.

Playing Paris Todd and Todd dominated this match winning 11-1 11-4 there was no controversial calls but the significant part of this match was the referee's approach to calling out balls you can see the extra line judges standing around the court and they were initiating the out calls that ball just.

Another ball sailing deep do you guys think this is a better approach than having players make their own calls let me know in the comments below duper also announced their Collegiate pickleball schedule for 2023 in which there will be 12 Regional tournaments with two different national championships there will be over one hundred thousand.

Dollars in scholarship money for the winners and getting a more legitimate College structure is incredibly important for legitimizing the sport duper is trying to do just that and growth among that age bracket might take some time but the sooner the resources are invested in that the quicker the game will grow and then in other news.

This week with the Super Bowl that happened on Sunday media personality and former NFL punter Pat McAfee who now hosts one of the biggest Sports podcasts in the world tried pickleball for the very first time his team rented a house that so happened to own a pickleball court for Super Bowl weekend and McAfee could not have endorsed pickleball any.

Harder after trying it for the very first time we played 11 12 games of pickleball last night I am sore what an incredible sport this is unreal now it does feel as if the creators and I guess it was created in like 1965 or something in Seattle Washington we did some research last time we were all pretty high learning about a sport that.

Obviously has captivated the world Drew Brees has a team garyvee has a team Tom Brady as a team Kevin Durant has a team I mean like this is supposed to be the sport of Tomorrow lacrosse kind of getting cucked here by pickleball pretty quickly uh we were making up rules as we're going on what makes sense for us I guess obviously.

It's all it feels like they've done everything they can to take the athlete out of the game like and the power they're taking a lot of you can't you can't really overpower everybody yeah like rich white wanted to play a game in which they could be competitive yeah Level Playing Field they want it now so if you hit it harder.

That means it's just gonna actually slow down you still got a chance to play can't it has to bounce can't be jumping too much out of this like all the rules are basically trying to like kind of slow down the athletes so that everybody can kind of compete athletes you're gonna figure the game yeah Athletics still does shine through.

And there was power on the court as well yeah you're damn right we had to bring the power out so that's gonna wrap up this week's video there's a PPA tournament coming up in Arizona this weekend so tune into that anyways remember to hit the Subscribe button and to give this video a like it always helps out with the algorithm and I.

Appreciate y'all for watching
APP womens single semi-final matchup featured Salome Devidze vs Megan Fudge. Devidze made a critical line call on match point and by the looks of it, the ball was clearly in. DUPR is investing money and resources into College Pickleball. Pat McAfee has caught the pickleball bug.

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