It's so assistant right here yes six seven one more red.

Uced outside we felt like it was cold outside hi beautiful thank you that's what I do I bring half in the kitchen um look this one and this one.

And oh okay come back hey come on let's go foreign but like use you play now but did you see the one before you go you go yeah yeah.

I'm good I swear I'm gonna play with you right now what is it okay foreign thank you.

So much questions foreign foreign oh okay Sydney would you like to help me make.

Something yeah all right thank you no nothing oh you just don't know how to put it together thank you you know what just tell him you're gonna make something else that's like way too.

Hard let's try these things foreign that would be my suggestion I'll do it I like this let me see can you make one of these animals.

And eat all of these ones like this one all the flowers the flowers using yeah maybe something that is your imagination you can make a pickleball court see now you got it.

So good I love this little place okay thank you how was it it was fun Eddie and I were coming back whenever whenever um.

applicable they're really good what what did your mom promise rewards okay yeah I'm wondering what awesome.

There we go foreign you have to open it
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