Then if you take the number eight million and we're in 2022 and you say I think this sport can grow by 30 a year if that happens eight becomes 11 and 11 becomes 15 and by 2030 you're at 40 million players and I call that 40 by 30. and I think if you look at our mission of what we're doing.

At MLP and duper it's to get to that 40 by 30. sure so Steve a lot of people in the sport know who you are and what you've been doing one of the things that I think would be sort of interesting is how did you get to the point that you saw the.

Vision for pickleball as opposed to a game that you were just enjoying playing yeah well uh well I first played pickleball a little over six years ago now I was told about the sport from my nephew Keenan who you happen to know I know you've played we've played some Rec games with my nephew and he told me about this work called pickleball and I.

Had never heard of it he said you got to try it you're gonna love it I Google places to play Pickleball Austin Texas and I found the Bethany Church Gym on a Wednesday night and I tell people it was it was literally love love at first hit I went there without a paddle uh people lent me a paddle they taught me how to play yeah it's and that's yeah just so.

Typical of the pickleball Community it's very welcoming it's i i i affectionately call it a cult because you're you're a welcomed in if you're if you're interested in it and I loved it and I literally the next day started telling people that uh that pickleball was going to be the next big sport.

And that the next big entertainment idea the next Topgolf was going to be a pickleball bar that was before the first chicken pickle opened in Kansas City yeah uh and I looked back and like I try to think like why did I believe that or what was it about the sport and here's one step that I love to talk about when I talk about why pickleball is addictive.

Obviously again if we talk about how uh inclusive it is how people of various ages Fitness levels I could I could lose a few right now uh yeah yeah different genders can all play you can all play sport and enjoy it uh a bunch of three O's playing together have as much fun playing as bunch of four rows playing together as much players watching five.

Let's play together that's unique not all sports are like that but here's the stat that I think really seals it for me and why pickleball is addictive is yeah I love tennis I still play tennis I watch Tennis don't give me don't be mad tennis people but in an hour of pickleball you'll hit the ball 10 times as much as an hour of tennis and it's.

Fun to hit the ball yeah that's that it's as simple as that and you get to hit the ball more and pickleball very cool and did you um I've known you long enough that I've seen your evolution in the game when did you start to see the big picture that you thought that this thing had the capabilities of really going big.

Worldwide well yeah I saw in in the joy of the people there again it's for for people who are uh in pickleball it's a mission it's not just a game it's a mission and uh I try to I share that Vision uh with potential partners for MLP and duper and sponsors like if you're a sponsor of pickleball and actually even more if you're not an.

Endemic sponsor yeah and you come in and support this sport I'm telling you people are gonna love you yeah people are gonna love you for that that will win you a lot of loyalty and I just saw that that I saw the joy myself in playing I saw the yeah how many how many USA pickleball ambassadors do you know who put in hundreds.

Thousands of hours for no money yeah it's it's that is the the sport and that's gotta be that's it is valuable and it's gonna get more valuable yeah and we'll talk about my vision for how many people are about to play this sport uh yeah I I don't think we're even close to where we're going to be even in the very near future one of the things.

That's neat here we are at Major League pickleball in Newport Beach California spectacular weather the crowds are starting to gather when did you figure out the team was the approach to the sport of pickleball as opposed to the typical tennis variant yeah uh I just think it's more fun uh I I I'm also a golf fan and I watch the PGA Tour events.

And love them but when the Ryder Cup is on it's a different level yeah it's it's so exciting and I think the the players want to win for their own career and they want to advance they want to do well they want to be successful they want their response yeah they want to get sponsorship Etc but when you're also playing for your other.

Two teammates who are sitting and watching you it's a different level of pressure and it's amazing what I think what this brings out in the players they they really they want to win not only for themselves but for their team and yeah we just had our first match here uh it was a moments ago with Simone jajim and.

Lena paragamite playing the Russia sisters Maggie and Mary I mean the level of that match was amazing 21 21 18 uh in every point they were there were 10 highlight reel points out of 39 points it was it was magical and that just the level of play that I think this format brings out is is awesome and yeah I think a lot of the players would tell.

You that this is their favorite event and because I hear does of that you know one of the things that is really interesting to me now I've been at a number of these events and you see that energy and excitement when do you see this transitioning or do you see this transitioning into the wreck game oh absolutely we are already.

Working on the ability for players to play in MLP formats for amateurs uh starting next year so uh we're gonna we're gonna build a duper slash MLP national team tournament and here's how it'll work how do you make that work how do you make that fair uh we'll have teams at various levels of of of of ability the highest level might be say.

Duper 20. that means you add up the four dupers of your team your teammates and they got to equal 20 or less yep then you'll play other teams that are duper 20. we can have a duper 18 level duper 16 level duper 14 level here's what's fun about this and this is what's first of all you get to go to the event with three of your friends and you get to.

Have a great time Win Lose or Draw you're going to have a lot of fun at this event but what's going to be crazy to watch is we all have duper 20 teams that might be for senior women playing against four Junior 15 year old boys and and every every combination thereof because you make your team you want and and you know duper we believe our rating.

Is universal it's yeah it's it's a based on your results and yeah whether you're for senior women if you're a 20 duper team play another 20 duper team it's going to be a close match and you know we see the excitement when we go to the dream breaker in MLP and it's men versus women you know you ought to just mention how the dream brother Works sure so yeah.

An MLP match uh we do in MLP with the pros we we have it set up specifically to men and two women in the average decide we're not going to limit that but we have two two male pros and two female Pros form 18 when they play another team we in MLP the first match is always women's levels and then men's levels and then there's two mixed doubles matches.

Uh but if it ends two two we go to a singles format where each player rotating plays Four Points and one team sets their lineup based on a coin draw and the other team gets to match up however they want and what we see often is if you have a really dominant male singles player they'll sometimes match up with kind of their weaker female.

Player to thinking we're probably going to lose three or four of those points anyway and then they'll try to win the other one sure and we'll try to win the other three and that means you see a lot of male versus female play in singles and already we've seen some of the most iconic Sports points in pickleball when we've seen those matchups yeah that the.

Point with that Anna Lee and Riley Newman last year uh I think it's got five million views on Tick Tock or something it was a crazy point yeah when uh I Deco Declan forgive me yeah sorry he hates it he hates it when I do this the Lee winwell moment but he lost four points in a row to Lee Whitwell uh that that one hurt a little bit foreign.

So cool now you know one of the things that's been interesting for me to watch is where we started off the MLP in uh Dripping Springs Texas where you're based and all of your entities are now we're in in Newport Beach California what do you see happening with your team owners do you see different team sites beginning to become a factor absolutely.

So our next event is going to be in Columbus Ohio the home of the bus hence the Columbus in case I wasn't uh clear uh amazing amazing new owner to our league and they have a great facility uh so we're bringing it to to Columbus and then next year you know we're going to take we're going to take the show on the road.

Um I think it's important for building our brand for our sponsors to to have this event all over the country uh you know we we didn't have an MLP event per se in New York but we did our our draft uh there for the for the year and we had you know an amazing amazing experience there where we are able to get uh played in the the New York Stock Exchange we.

Played we played a pickleball match the first sporting event ever in the New York Stock Exchange uh we did a lot of local TV news channels uh we're you know Fox and Friends we were getting just a great media for the sport bringing people in also Obviously good for our sponsors as well because we're mentioning our sponsors at every one of.

Us so we're we we think bringing this around the country is part of spreading the word about the sport cool yeah one of the things that I did want to ask you that I think is really important because you have the unique perspective where do you see this going in the next four to six years and then ten years yeah so.

Uh I I I say that so I I believe we already have eight million players you hear that number five million I think that's wrong I think based on Google searches uh ball sales Etc I think you can extrapolate it we already have eight million people playing this sport uh but let's let's take that as uh as as truth I think it is true uh then if you take.

The number eight million and we're in 2022 and you say I think the sport could grow by 30 a year uh if that happens eight becomes 11 and 11 becomes 15 and by 2030 you're at 40 million players and I call that 40 by 30. and I think if you look at our mission of where we're doing.

MLP and duper it's to get to that 40 by 30. sure that means so here's some crazy things about what that means that means of the players who are playing in 2030 80 of them haven't played yet right that's that's mind-blowing that's a crazy that's a crazy thought yeah it is the idea of players coming in and the.

Rate of multi-million per year coming into the sport is insane so what I say to that is why don't we examine everything about the sport to try and make it more fun more engaging whether that's different formats like a team format whether that's different types of tournaments like the one we're having today here the.

Waterfall event for duper well I'll talk more about that in a second and how can we in the scoring system like okay I I this this one this one gets everybody crazy but here's what I say about I know we have a squiring system and there's a lot of people who really really love it but I ask I ask a serious question to.

Everyone let's say that we were starting with a blank slate and we proposed two scoring systems one was rally scoring and one was this system yes where it starts off with zero zero two and then you have two surgeon you switch with anybody from a blank slate.

Choose sure the current system and I I think if it's a fair person answering that question the answer is zero percent of people would choose that one it doesn't it's so much harder it's so much more complicated like and if you're trying to reach the sport not only nationally but internationally and people are watching it and the score is.

Four five two so often I get the question like what does that even mean sure whereas the score is four five everybody understands what that means well I think it's a better I think it's better so again sorry one more thing if 80 of people six years from they haven't played yet why don't we just go ahead and make the.

Change now yeah it's interesting it is having played my first MLP scoring system match yesterday it's remarkable how fast and easy you segue into it and it's you're halfway through a game and it's oh yeah I got this and it's Simple and Clean you don't have to worry about stacking you don't have to you know it moves faster and that also means that.

You play a match you play a match faster it's more efficient Court use you're not thinking about all the other yeah I when I'm watching a pro match when they use the other scoring system and they serve on the wrong side of the receivers around it makes me cringe I don't like it nobody nobody thinks that that's good sure yeah these players are working.

Their tail off they're tired and they are and they got to figure out like whether they're stacking it's just I don't think it's I I think the reality story system obviously I think it's better and if we have again if 80 people who are going to play six years they'll have eight years from now I haven't played yet but let's let's let's suck it.

Up and change it now well and I think that one of the things that's interesting about this conversation this morning is the fact that as people start to they simply need to realize these things are out there and give it a try and see what happens with it and I think they'll have the same experience that that I did yeah no I want to segue.

Though tell tell us about the other parallel tournament that you've got going on here so uh I've also thought a lot about so I I think I I wake up and think about how can I make this sport even more fun like that's kind of that's that's what I think of as a challenge and I I think in my six years of playing pickleball and being fairly obsessed.

With it I've only played I think four tournaments and you asked why would I only have played Four tournaments well first of all they haven't been enough tournaments it's hard it's hard to sign up for one there's a lot of tournaments where if you don't sign up for the first five minutes you're out so yeah that's one problem we need more quartz we need.

More news we need more tournaments that's that's part of the problem but the other part of the problem is often the tournament experience is not that great and again I think we're stuck in a little bit of inertia often in that we the the standard form of a pickleball tournament has been a double elimination tournament here's the problem and my.

Challenge I see with that say you travel to Naples Florida or you know you travel someplace for a tournament you bought an airline ticket you have a hotel room you're excited about playing and you go to that tournament and you show up at 8 A.M there's a chance that you're out in two matches and you're done at 9 30 and you're done for the day certainly and it.

And by the way that happens to literally one quarter of the field you know one 25 of the players in that tournament are going to be out in two rounds and they're not coming back sure that is not leaving a good taste to their mouth what we've done here with the waterfall of them is say if you sign up for it for our event.

And say you start at 9am we guarantee you four matches in four hours even if you go lose lose you get a fourth match and by the way that starts at 9am the next one starts at 1 pm if you want to play it another four matches you can you're able to do that yeah but you know what your bite size is again you show up a double elimination at.

Night at 9 00 a.m you might be done at 10 30 or you might be done at 6 p.m and you can't know and you got to commit to your partner that you're going to be there all those hours yeah and that's just not a that's not how everybody lives anymore this way you could play up to three different waterfall events in a day play 12 matches you could play with.

The same partner or three different partners and you know what your time frame is it's also a way more efficient Court use in other words when one when one our software says when one match ends it automatically tells the next two teams to go on we we so it's better Court use which means more more money for the venue operator it's actually.

Less staff because the software tells the players where to go sure and it's a better player experience yeah and at the end of the you end up all these all your best just start counting for your duper which is gonna we're gonna have more and more competitions that require a duper both local Regional and National you get all of that and as a venue operator we.

Think that that's an incredible value proposition now on that order one of the things that I think is exciting about talking to you is people that are listening to this and hearing about some of these things for the first time how do you see them how what would be the way that they should get involved how can they reach out to your organization.

And say I'd like to give this a run yeah go to yeah and reach out to our team Jill braverman's our CEO our our team there is amazing uh they you know they they want you to be part of our system they they want clubs they want you to run this waterfall event and you're going to be able to talk to the players who played in this and hopefully.

They're going to tell you what a great experience this is how how game changing it is for the sport and again for the venue operator it's it's more profitable and and it it's better and more profitable that's a that's a win-win cool cool well that's got it served greatly because we're running into such facilities challenges and access that.

The ability of making it more efficient has to be a positive well that end because of this software I hope that will make facilities more profitable which means there'll be more facilities correct we this is the virtuous circle that we're trying to build and then we have MLP to show rally scoring to talk about the waterfall.

Event we're trying to build kind of an infrastructure to talk about ways that we can innovate and try and try different things to make the sport even more joyful and look not every one of our ideas is going to be engaged or and all our ideas are right or perfect I would be foolish to say that I don't I don't think that I do think they're.

Interesting I think they're worth trying and if you don't like it that's fine it doesn't make you a bad person it doesn't make me a good person but I think some of these ideas are worth trying and I think you'll find that if you have an open mind some of some of these ideas I think are going to make the sport even better cool you know.

We've been talking about this term duper and that duper is the uh the uh Dynamic Universal pickleball rating system you ought to that's taking on us taken on the sport by storm and there's so many people who now just simply refer anymore to what they're duper rating did it go up did it go down tell us about that a little bit Yeah well here's one.

Thing I I'm really I think is good about the duper system is it it accounts for this the score like the how how close the match was in in assessing how good you are so let me let me explain it this way let's say that I was a 5-0 I'm not a 5-0 sadly a little a little lower than that but uh and I play uh Ben Johnson singles and he's a 7-0.

Uh and let's say we play uh duper would tell you he's supposed to beat me if basically probably like 11 11 more yeah and I think I I would probably take that to be honest I would I would probably brag about if I ever actually got one in both games uh if I if I play Ben Johns and I win the first game 11-4 and lose the next two 11.

9 11 9. uh under duper my rating would go up that would tell me that would tell they should learn from that that either have to be a world-class player to have that result that I won I actually won over 50 of the points like against gun John's with that many points that's that's remarkable and uh that means that we can.

That my rating on that that day would go up and Ben Ben's would go down if you let me get you know have that result he's probably not maybe maybe he's not a seven after all uh and that to me now and under every other system that I believe exists in pickleball rating system with that result and every other system.

My rating would go down because I lost now the other radio system there's one data point because you win the match or did you lose the match right under our system we say there's you know 50 data points and I won 26 points a day like that's that to me gets you to a way more accurate rating much faster so we've seen we've seen this like uh I remember.

Uh not long ago I think it was ryler the heart played Ben Johns and actually won a set and then lost the match and uh and I was like and I and I watched it and it was you know it was it was an amazing match Ben played out of his mind which he often does and end up winning but he was stretched and I said and I.

Looked at Riley's duperating it wasn't that high and I said his ratings yeah he's gonna go back to this match yeah and he's going higher yeah like and that was like that's what a rational person like yeah here's another way of putting it say player a plays Ben John's and loses 11 111 one and player B plays Penn.

Johnson and loses 11 9 11 9. if a plays B I would bet on B here here yeah like and if if that's your prediction duper is designed to be the most accurate way of predicting what a match result is you should use all the data you can to be able to be a better predictor sure.

And that's what we do and I I get I believe we're the only system that does that and I think that's why we get to an accurate rating faster we think you can get to an accurate duper rating by coming to a duper and we have duper rating camps now where you play you have seven seven games in an hour and a half and at the end of that time you have an.

Accurate duper rating probably within 0.1 or 0.2 now you just said you do duper camps I was not aware of that tell me how that works that sounds like a cool so possibility so many clubs have players that want to know what their rating is sure and if you've ever run a pickleball club and they they historically the like rating assessments.

Where you hit some balls in front of the pro you play a few points and they give your ring well I'll tell you if you've ever done that as a pro or get ready if if the person doesn't like the answer for some tears or some anger yeah it is an uncomfortable it's an uncomfortable situation uh if you if you give some people an accurate assessment.

Of where they are right that moment doesn't mean they can't get better but if you do that you might lose a customer you might lose a friend you might yeah you might yeah that is certainly happen it is not comfortable if you say hey you're going to come to this event in over an hour and a half you're going to play a bunch of different people.

Different different partners and different opponents and at the end of that we have an accurate rating for you and by the way it's determined by your results right I don't have it's not my opinion but whether what rating you are that's a lot more comfortable for everybody and by the way if you don't like your if you don't like your duper.

Yeah get some better results right it's it's it's on you it's not it's not someone telling you how good you are which again is is never comfortable I remember not liking but some reading assessment I I I I I I I I I hate to be that guy but I I was that guy too I didn't like it I'm better than that is that the one of the biggest.

Challenges we've got in the existing tournament cycle is sandbagging it's just insane well let me give you some stats on that and we've looked at amateur Tournament results and uh with with with the current rating system being operating and we've looked at those results and then analyzed using our what our duper results are from for.

The duper rating for the teams in those events so they'll give you some stats so uh yeah you have say men's 4.0 which is supposed to be between 4-0 and you know 4.499 okay when we've looked at those brackets for various organizations I'm not picking on anybody in terms of yeah but the typical true rating gap between the best and worst team is well over a.

Point and typically it's supposed to be 0.5 yeah it's typically well over a point another step that's that's interesting is if you hadn't weld narrow brackets of teams that were really close to each other then it matches that are two out of three matches they should go to the third set.

Pretty often maybe not quite 50 but maybe 35 or 40 percent of the time that should happen if you have close matches the an average average retirement it goes to the third set less than 20 of the time yeah that's a damning statistic it tells the team that wins is is it's just it's just that much better and here's another another damning statistic.

We took we took out amateur Fields let's say there's a field of 40 teams and we assessed which teams were the best using duper and we said we're gonna give ourselves a challenge out of those 40 teams we're gonna pick four well we're gonna take the top 10 of the duper ratings of those 40 teams.

Often we got the gold medalist frequently I'm guessing 80 yeah yeah okay that's bad that is that is not a good that tells you yeah uh the average duper rating of a team that won a men's 4-0 uh which again you're supposed to be no higher than you know 4.49 or four point whatever.

4.499 it was over five yeah yeah out and again the tournament organizers historically they didn't have another alternative they didn't have a choice there was no other rating system that was more accurate and what are you gonna do right but now they do have a choice yeah and I yeah look I'm biased so yeah no but I'm biased on I'm selling so this.

Is what I do and the reason but I think if you're running an amateur tournament you don't use duper now especially if there's any idea of like you know prize money or other other gateways to other things I I I don't think that's great that's not understanding one of the things that I've seen in terms of my own duper.

Rating and the tournaments that I play in and the players that I play against is the fact that I think as that becomes more and more accepted standard it will eliminate the two and outs to 80 of those people that are for 75 of those people that are going to their first event yeah and and it's two and out at eleven Two Eleven two yeah yeah I mean.

It's it's it's it's it's it's miserable right and if you again if you traveled and that's what your experience is yeah that's that's not good it's not great for the sport we're not going to get the 40 by 30 if we're giving that experience do you know the the as you mentioned the 40 by 30 again one of the things that's is is I wanted to ask you.

Is with everything that you've done and the success and the acceptance of duper so quickly and so fast in the sport have you thought at all about the tournament management software I would wonder if your team couldn't do something there that could well today the waterfall tournament these tournaments of 16 brackets of 16 teams it runs itself the.

Software runs itself you don't literally without us without a staff you can run a tournament you give me six quarts I'll put 16 teams on it and the software as soon as you're done with your match you put a score in it tells you now you're in the queue it tells the two teams that were in the queue you're now on this court it does we're there and then you.

Know when we went the national team tournaments we're gonna have our goal is to give software to venues that'll let them run events much easier that are much better cool and again more profitable at the same time all those things it it has to go very nice indeed all right well we're going to segue into one other piece of.

The Steve world and that is Dreamland you came up with a facility that's turned out to be amazing tell them the viewers a little bit who don't know haven't been to Austin Texas what Dreamland is and what your vision is there well let me start with the kind of the overriding vision of Dreamland kind of the philosophical mission of it is.

Uh yeah I I talk a lot about how I think the brand of the American dream is arguably the most powerful brand in human history even people that don't speak English were willing to risk their lives for that brand historically and continue to do so today.

And uh I I think that's amazing I think the ability for our country to to turn to transform people from all over the world and become Americans is special and if you uh if you Google Ronald Reagan's last speech he talks about that and how what a magical thing that is and so I'm.

I'm very much a believer that that's that's you know in some ways the most magical and most biggest Advantage we have as a country is that amazingly talented hard-working people want to come here and finding ways to to make that possible legally will will make it better for everybody if we could find a compromise sure you know yeah and so and.

By the way lest you think this is like you know a red or a blue thing I I've been talking about this for over a decade it's not about any one party or one president I think there are good people of Goodwill on both parties on this issue but we need to we need to find a better path than where we are right now because I think we're damaging.

That brand and I think it's a very powerful and invaluable brand the other thing about Dreamland is like because I love America so much I I see the divisions in America and uh it worries me I I it concerns me and what I've told people is even during some of the most divisive times sometimes the last few years I think in.

Our country's history very rarely to never do I hear a political debate on a pickleball court people from all all walks of life all political parties all ages races you name it on a pickleball court they're all welcome and we need more things like that there was a book in the 1980s.

Warning that America could get more divided because we weren't doing as much things together it was a book called bowling alone uh and I remember being that book and saying well yeah that's scary because I I see the point we don't have as many things that we go out of our home get away from our screens and we meet people.

We wouldn't otherwise meet that's happening less often and I see and pick about a chance for that to be reversed interesting and Dreamland has to have pickleball because of that because we need to bring our country back together uh the other things we have mini golf everybody loves video nobody talks about.

Politics when they're playing mini golf yeah like everything we have there music the things that brings people together even if they're politically divided like everything there is is to try and you know and we have a giant U.S flag because we we believe that this country is great we have a great history we have a great Mission and we need to keep it.

Together people we need to find ways to interact with each other even if we don't always agree and have and be and do that joyfully and Dreamland is really an effort to do to do that that's that's really the mission well having been there numerous times I know you're hitting it on that one of the things that you did there that's.

Been unique in the sport is you brought together the greatest concentration of elite level parole athletes in the pickleball space um is that something that you think you could replicate anywhere else would you how how will Dreamland will that expand outside of Austin Texas we'll see we'll.

See uh uh it's it's possible um I do think we need to that that mission of Joy needs to be yeah we need we need more of it but Leo look there are other people who are certainly in the pickleball World there are people who are doing a great job like you know they're pickle chicken and pickle and a.

Lot of other people you know uh pickleball social all these groups are coming in with great great Concepts doing a great job of bringing more people in so like I think Dreamland could do that too but there's other people who are doing a fantastic job with that as well I'd like to support them with our with duper and and by.

Partnering partnering with them to help create make sure that everybody there has an even better experience but it doesn't I I do hope Dreamland expands and I hope there's future ones but it's not it's not only it doesn't have to be only Dreamland that other people are doing great jobs as well and I support them well you know one of the things.

That when I ask that question is it isn't so much about the the specifics of how many locations how many doors it is the fact that that in our sport every time somebody has raised the bar to do something better yeah it's the new standard and I think that that's the thing that I look forward to in the sport of seeing these facilities.

Wherever they're done whomever does them how cool they can become well uh yeah so I actually might give you a scoop okay we like Scoops uh it's so Scoopy that I'm not even sure I'm gonna do it yet okay well well then I'll keep moving along and you see if you'll scoop us uh well I'll I'll tell you what it is it's like.

Uh we we have a number of you know some of the most amazing players in the world living and training at Dreamland and I've had the the concept and I've now talked to a few people about it we haven't decided to go forward yet but I want to create a a pickleball Camp experience for elite.

Players who want to get to the next level yeah uh it'll be intense it'll be you know at most 16 players and a minimum of four Pros so a lot of a lot of attention and it'll be extensive but uh we think I I think in a four-day Camp experience I think in four days and it would be meaning Elite meeting I think you'd have.

To be a minimum of 5-0 male or four five four five seven female to even apply to be in the camp yeah um you'd have to commit that you're going to be willing to be on the court you know six hours a day or or or more for those days and be ready for that um and I I think the goal would be in those four days.

That over the next three months your duper wouldn't would rise by 0.25 wow guaranteed otherwise you get some some either refund or you get to come back to the camp again for free or and I think we could deliver on that and I think I think it would be exciting look if you're maybe you're an older player and you you want to get to the.

Top of the senior game and you're you're 5-0 and you really want to go to the real real top of that that would be something I think in three days we could help you advance in a way that you couldn't in six months otherwise or say you're a relatively new tennis crossover you just yeah you're 22 years old you just finished your NCAA career and.

You're seeing the success of people again like Paris Todd and Anna Brighton you say I want to try that and you you've got yeah you you've gotten to a level where you're you're close this could get you could get you to the top of that and I think in a hurry and I think and I want I already have a name for it I'm big on branding I want to.

Call it uh the Dreamland Elite pickleball training hub we got the uh we have the uh we don't have the acronym yeah the acronym is depth depth oh Dreamland Elite pickleball training hub the depth because we're gonna go in depth into your game we are gonna we're gonna examine your game in in and really.

Really try to get you to the next level so yeah we haven't committed this yet but at but that's really so tell me if if you think there's an audience for that oh my God yes yes you know one of the things that's unique in the amount of traveling that I do in the pickleball space is the people that I meet.

Throughout the country the the the things that are happening is the distillation of tournaments coming down but now how good are the tournaments what's the experience the player experience that they're looking for those are the things that have yet to be filtered through that I think we're still on which was why I was so.

Excited to hear your perspective about where you think this stuff is going um I I think we're absolutely ready for that and I don't think you'd have I think you'd have a problem with with 16 players would flush so fast well I hope you're right yeah well I think we we might announce this and we'll see if we'll see if that's right cool but.

Here's the other thing that's really cool about it is if we do this we're accountable we're gonna we're gonna literally we will publish the list of the 16 players and their dupers coming in yeah and we're gonna say we're gonna be publicly accountable and you're gonna be able to go on and track that and if.

We if we don't do a good job hey we don't deserve to be in business right we don't deserve we don't deserve your money like imagine that like we're really gonna make our camp experience we're gonna have accountability to be able to show whether we're actually helping players or not yeah that to me is exciting yeah I think that's I I.

Think that's game changing I think that's game changing yeah yeah and then we'll we'll I think we would then say to other camps hey do you want to do you want to use duper to demonstrate do you want to try and prove that you're good and do you want to use duper to help you do that and we'll work with doesn't have to be just just the.

Dreamland camp we would let camps throughout the country let them see if do you want to be accountable yeah yeah yeah I know the accountability thing is that's really the change so we are duper we predict we publish prediction match predictions before the match happens and we you know and sometimes we're not right yeah but.

We're we're accountable yeah like and that to me is powerful and if we had a camp that was accountable where not only the campers themselves everybody in the public could see whether we did a good job or not well trust me yeah that's going to put a lot of pressure on on me and the team to make sure that we're doing a great job and then if if we do.

That other camps I think they're going to say well look exactly how could we how could we think that we're going to get people to come if we're if we're not willing to to show that we're accountable yeah no and it is it is uh the varying responses that I hear from people in the existing Camp structures.

Is sometimes the standard is not that high so that I love the accountability piece of that yeah it yeah and you know we're we're going to make sure that those players are getting better because if they're not our business is open yeah
Steve Kuhn is the founder of Major League Pickleaball, pickleball’s first-ever team-centered league that showcases some of the top pickleball professionals in the world. Since its inception in 2021, Major League Pickleball has grown to be one of the top pickleball leagues in the world. Major League Pickleball recently merged with the PPA Tour to be the premiere team-driven pickleball league. Major League Pickleball will have six pickleball events in 2023, a step up from its three tour stops in 2022.

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