kyle you mentioned kind of like reaching in and and um initiating the speed up or trying to jam somebody with a dink it's actually when we played against each other down in in florida which i'm sure you're still recovering from i noticed that like sometimes you'll.

Speed up and you'll you'll kind of reach in and make that flick and you're not going for the speed up winner on that one you're not necessarily trying to like win the point on that flick or that speed up you then position yourself for the next one and the next one is to put away yeah how often are you thinking about.

That initial flick being the winner or that initial speed up being the winner versus the next one and setting yourself up that's a good question yeah a little one-two punches um it just depends on the ball so there are times where i actually feel like i can go ahead and hit the clean winner if the.

Ball is high enough for my opponent's job position you know whatever it is uh most of the time most of the time it's a fair assumption that the other team is going to get the ball back uh it's just a matter of how can i make them as uncomfortable as possible receiving this ball where they can't do.

That much to hurt me with it so there are a lot of times i just kind of flick it at you knowing you're going to try to counter punch but if i'm able to put in a certain spot where you might counter let's say i get i keep it low enough where you still got to hit up on it at least now i know you're gonna hit hard.

On me but it's gonna be up here somewhere so i kind of flick it and get ready for the counter so it's almost like a bait where you're trying you're trying to force them to try to attack you but maybe not quite hit it as well as they would like to and then you can punish them for that i mean cause.

Everyone's got such fast hands i i rarely expected to be a clean winner i'm just trying to force them to try to give me a ball that i can work with and it might not be a great one but right i don't need much you know you might actually feel like you're you're going to attack me but you're just kind.

Of getting you're getting played a little bit right so so yeah i like i'll reach in on those and just try to initiate where i just kind of get on your body real fast force you to try to hit a maybe an 80 counter but that's not going to be enough and i'm just sitting on the next one to go 100 back at you.

Yeah you either make them think it's an attackable moment that you're ready for or you force them to pop it up right and play right into your hand so it's like you those are the two things you you're kind of going for interesting did you do specific drills to train that or that's just kind of like the nuance.

Of just playing over the years and kind of feeling that out more and more um yes feeling it out i mean people it's it's no secret strategy i know that a lot of guys trying that it's just a matter of is that first ball good enough where you're not just going to get punished by it yeah like i said enrique enrique the first time i played him i.

Said he bodybugged me like five times not hard balls but he'd reach him and just flick it he would just jam me and i just wasn't reading it very well and then there'd be times where i would try to attack it back and i wouldn't quite hit it clean and then he's just he would get me back and so it's just yeah it takes a lot of uh.

Just a lot of anticipation i think just seeing it over and over again i know if i can flick this ball on a certain spot on somebody this is how they normally react yeah the ball is likely to come over in this area and then i'm ready so it's kind of popping i'm kind of ready for it um or or maybe i have a ball down the.

Line flick it down the line on the backhand make them try to counter with a backhand but then i'm just kind of sitting middle ready for it so yeah so you said i i i initiate make them think that they can try to attack me back they don't quite hit it clean and then i'm ready for that that.

Off-pace ball to smash back at him for the real put away so you know it's just trying to keep them uncomfortable keep testing um you know just i like messing with people give them a lot of different looks yeah they react and if they don't handle something.

Very well you do it again that's sick inside out backhand forehand flicky dude that thing is in i feel like i twisted my ankle just watching it i was like oh what did you just do it is there a way to to drill that though i mean like.

I i feel like i haven't seen people like drilling that specifically uh well i mean you get plenty of practice doing it it's just a little simple like one two punch so you just like flick and then you defend the next ball so yeah and if you're out planing at somebody so what usually happens right you're in dink and dig dig in you.

Get a ball you take it and you roll it and you flick it up at somebody well their instinct is to slap it back usually they're instinctive to try to punch it back they the ball they hit the ball so as long as you get on the body where their their hit back is a little bit out of control where their hit back is maybe.

A little bit late or a little bit weak usually if they don't hit 100 miles an hour at me i'm gonna get the next ball back yeah so as long as you can jam them enough where they have an awkward ball where they can't quite get full power on it their attack back's not gonna do right to hurt you usually.

Um now if if they read it and they get in position and they can get a good clean hit and then you're in trouble but you just gotta keep trying enough and the way ben does it ben takes it flicks it right at your chicken wing or your right hip you kind of get jammed you try to counter if you.

Don't hit it clean and then your toes to the next one right so it takes some discipline you know sometimes you just want to just block that first one if you're uncomfortable but most people overreact and they just try to hit it back at you which is usually not the right thing to do
Pickleball OG Kyle Yates talks about his philosophy at the net, particularly how we approaches speedups. Listen, learn and UP YOUR GAME!
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