All right what's up guys today we're here with zayn navratil and according to the internet ever since the chainsaw serve got banned he's not very good anymore so i figured we'd play some singles and put that to the test so today we're gonna do a two out of three saying how many points do you think you're gonna get how many points sorry.

How many points do you think i'm gonna get my goal is a double pickle double pickle tickle i'm pretty confident i can get at least one point so we'll see how it goes oh and you have to subscribe if he gets at least one yeah he doesn't then you gotta subscribe to my youtube channel yeah you can subscribe.

Let's go all right uh zero zero oh you can't do that chris it was at this moment that he knew he up that was a mistake he's not serving again.

Oh that was a good shot come on all right this already doesn't feel good ah nice shot it will not be a pickle i'm going for perfect pickles it's not going to happen i'm getting that sir at the ball back at least once.

oh bye bag yes yes i called it you did i'm the babe ruth of pickleball i called my shot okay all right come on 40.

Oh good shot fitty oh chris can't miss those oh that's a good return come on good ball yeah i mean if he didn't have his serve he would obviously be losing this game.

i chris are you going to make my forehand illegal too or what cancel my downline backhand too while you're at it oh nice oh yeah relax baby oh my god it's gonna.

Be the biggest mistake he made all day i'm counting this is a loss eight eight where are you going i guessed wrong oh no nice shot wow that serves just too good it is cancel the drop dirt cancel the drops drop serve.

Shoot i even knew what it was going to do good shots here's the new one no pickle one pickle switch sides i get the good side now too yeah all right zeros dang it you're gonna have to.

You're gonna have to nerf me all right i got it oh hey at least you made contact holy moly that's better than tyson sometimes 2-0 drop play it we're here to play nah it's out.

3-0 good ball one all right i'm gonna start doing some player impersonations who's this is that jw was it jw jw yeah okay.

Here's the next one chris stop being bad at the game yeah and sherry yo ryan sherry all right who we got now i am.

7-0 this should be a dead giveaway right away this is the dead giveaway 7-0 yeah come on come on hands come on oh never deal with everything he's got.

Oh my gosh sleeps only seven minutes a night oh yeah baby i seriously thought i was gonna screw that up that last tweener probably wasn't dave but probably not oh wait.

no oh my goodness all right no double pickle that's freaking unbelievable we can take him down i go oh and you have to subscribe if he gets at least one the people on the internet were right um one eight oh that's pathetic.

All right regular eight one shoot nine one here you go oh one eight or nine get over 91. i still believe in the dream oh my goodness they aim for the highest part of the net i will never win a point.

Where i hit that ball into the net all right this is for all the subscribers out there one eight nine oh no i think he just lost a couple subs oh boy oh my goodness challenge yeah challenge.

one nine doubled all right anna lee's gonna close this out right here oh no you're not two nine oh come on come on it's as high as i can go you gotta shorten your height just a little bit.

For those nine two all right yes just off ah this is close all right what pro is going to end me who's who's going to end it what about riley newman riley all right riley semi or western.

Only all right riley for the win good game good stuff all right tyler let's go
This was shot back in June and I just took forever to finally edit it 😂
Shout out to Zane for being hilarious.

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