Hey fellow pickleballers this past week we had a solid group of Pros visit Nashville for a pro celebrity event and a few of my friends set up some games with Rob nunnery and Joey farius so I got the chance to film it and put together this video you're about to watch the following game has some solid points from beginning to end and be sure.

To watch until the end for some takeaways and lessons that could help your game what do you think of this type of content is it something you enjoy watching if so let me know in the comments and lastly what are the biggest differences that you see between the pros and the 500s in this video let me.

Know in the comments thanks again to Rob and Joey for playing and without further Ado let's get into it I know no it's good actually no it's not I guess I guess the guy that attacks a.

Lot it's not bad dude thank you foreign foreign oh come on sir.

Oh my God five three one oh six three one three two all right foreign.

foreign back ten seven playing against Pro Player Pro players we were curious.

To kind of experience the next level we consider ourselves 50 players and um we kind of felt like we needed to experience what the next level up is without having to go into a tournament and spend all the money we figured okay there were a few Pros in town Joey farius and Rob dennery were kind enough to come out here and play with us and um.

We've played a handful of games now and we've learned that there is a huge gap between the 5-0 this huge jump from 5.0 to Pro and it's kind of hard to really see that you know it in the back of your mind but until you actually get to play against it you don't realize how big of a leap it is um like the like the margins are.

Much Slimmer there's no room for uh High balls so when you're hitting thirds you have to hit pretty darn near perfect thirds or else their Force they're gonna attack that fourth ball with like velocity power and there's constant pressure on you you can't lose your focus at all whereas when you're playing 5-0 games you can.

Kind of float some balls every now and then and you can get away with a lot more shots you can't get away with anything at the pro level at least when you're playing against Pros um the the volleys are cleaner they're heavier and they're at your feet and they're.

Placed very intentionally so I have to look at the 50 level when people are balling they're just kind of hitting the ball back and forth sometimes with some accuracy but at this level they're volume with purpose and they're putting it in different places at your body so um even trying to get in a hands battle at the pro level is is a whole different.

Experience um and I feel like our best chance tonight to actually give them the game was when we were able to get into the kitchen and to play some points out and that's the great thing about pickleball is like the kitchen is the great neutralizer if you can get him to a dink.

Rally and make the ball bounce in front of people you can keep the point going and you can maybe string some points together that way but trying to get to the kitchen was a huge challenge because again you have to hit perfect thirds you can't just rip your third and expect to get a point that way or even to get yourself in the kitchen because they're.

Going to volley it back even harder it's easy to get complacent when you're playing against the same people in your in your hometown so it is hard to push yourself to work on certain shots but definitely going to work on just hitting unattackable drops hitting clean drops putting pressure on my opponents with my.

Force hitting harder Force keeping the players back just trying to emulate what they were doing to us more but you know it does motivate you to want to get out there and play against these people more and try to find these players and do whatever it takes to play against better competition if that means you have to spend some money pay Pros to.

Play against them do it it's worth it because I mean you can help them out give them some money and they can help you out by giving you that experience so you gotta do whatever it takes because it's really hard to make that leap from 50 to Pro really hard if you don't have that kind of competition in your area oh and thank you rob Joey for coming out.

Here and playing against us and whooping us
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What did you learn by watching the pros?
What did you notice as the biggest difference between the two teams?

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