Let me introduce you to a skill known as anticipation as Sixth Sense within pickleball that can give you instantaneous results if you don't know what it is anticipation is the ability to predict what type of shots your opponents are going to use in advance with this information you can better prepare yourself for anything your.

Opponents throw at you and guys this isn't something that only super Advanced players can utilize players of any level can develop the skill and use it to take their game to new heights while mastering technique and acquiring feel will bring you success on a long term scale anticipation is something that can make you better immediately so let's get.

Into it hey guys Connor here with enhanced pickleball and the first thing we're going to look at today is how to anticipate hard drives and speed ups when you're at the kitchen looking at this first point I want to stop it right here notice how you can tell by decoupage take back in position that he's going to use a drive he hasn't even.

Hit the ball but his arms way farther back than it would be on a drop Ben Johns clearly saw this coming because before the ball even crosses the net he already has his paddle up prepared to defend because of this he's able to aggressively place the ball at Adam Stone's right hip had Ben not have anticipated this shot he may not have.

Been ready and Adam would have been in the perfect position to capitalize after this shot Ben anticipates that he's about to get into a fast hands battle and make sure that his paddle is up and ready for the next shot remember anticipation isn't just a feeling you get in your gut it's about watching your opponents and understanding their.

Options and tendencies on this next point we have a very similar situation on the third shot dapple bar takes a huge backswing indicating that he's about to use a drive again Ben sees this one coming and has his paddle up in a good ready position because he's ready he's able to use hard roll Ballers to try and keep his opponents back but once.

They make it in the point turns into a fast hands battle if you're in the 3.0 to 4.0 range then you can learn a lot from this quick hands exchange when you're in a fast hands battle rule number one is to always have your paddle up in a good ready position this ensures that you're ready for any of the harder shots that they blast at you if they end.

Up resetting the ball into the kitchen you'll have enough time to bring your paddle down so always keep your paddle up here so that you're in the best position to react both teams did this very well in this point but in the end the Johns Brothers get the upper hand in this situation it's not super clear as to whether Ben's opponent is about to.

Use a dink or a speed up but as soon as Ben notices that he's going to use a speed up he immediately prepares his pal for the counter-attack by anticipating this Ben gets the Split Second advantage that he needs to win the point all right guys now let's get into how to anticipate whether or not you hit a good enough third shot drop or reset to make.

Your way into the kitchen one way players mess up their positioning is they don't move forward off of a good drop or they do move forward off of a bad drop after you hit your drop or reset you should immediately identify whether it's good bad or okay if it's good you move forward and try to get to the kitchen if it's okay you go to the.

Transition zone if it's bad you should stay back in this point you can see that Ben was looking to move forward off of his third shot but quickly realized it wasn't good enough to come in off of he stopped his forward momentum and retreated immediately after noticing that his drop was too high Ben and his brother stand in a defensive position.

Until they hit a good enough drop to move in off of this model simplistic and you should adjust it for your ability but just know that you're positioning after the third shot is arguably just as important as the drop itself here we have Colin John serving and hitting his third shot the droppy hits is in that okay range as you can see Adam Stone's.

Reaching over the kitchen but it looks like he might be using a roll volley to keep calling back Colin moves to the transition zone aiming to hit a reset knowing that his drop wasn't good enough to move all the way into the kitchen but that wasn't bad enough to where he should have stayed back he ends up hitting a good reset which allows him.

And his brother to move in to where they can take control of the point notice how in this point Ben's third shot so good that Deco bar is barely able to take out of the air because of this Ben's able to move straight to the kitchen as you're probably realizing anticipation's all about watching your opponents and predicting what they're going to do.

Based on their options alright guys we're finally to the most fun part of the video let's get into how to anticipate a good time to go for the Ernie the key to tournament to your success on the Ernie will be anticipating whether or not your opponent will hit you the right shot that you can use this play on it needs.

To be slow and close to the sideline or else you won't be able to reach it the number one opportunity for this shot is if you're in a dinking situation and the person in front of you tries to go down the line generally a good time to go for the Ernie is if they're off balance or look like they won't be able to hit the shot cross-court in this situation.

Simone jardim uses a push tank that puts her opponent directly in front of her in a defensive position as you can see Simone recognizes that there's a good chance her opponent might pop up or dink down the line with this in mind she creeps around the kitchen to go for the Ernie in this example we have Steve deakin working the point against deckle.

Bar Steve and his partner Matt Wright continuously hit deeper danks around the kitchen line these push things are an amazing way to lure your opponents into hitting a pop-up to where you can use the Ernie notice how Steve keeps moving outside of the Court looking for the Ernie he's trying to anticipate when Deco bar will hit a pop-up close enough.

To the sideline where he can pounce the way Steve's anticipating this is by focusing on his opponent's footwork is he off balance falling backwards or in a position where he can't go across work and here he finally gets it boom his active footwork and push things allow him to pull off the Ernie and if you guys want to learn 5 devastating.

Plays that make Ben John so good watch this
If you’re looking for a way to up your pickleball game, then you need to learn about anticipation! This strategy will help take all of your dinks, volleys, serves, returns, and drops to the next level. To use this strategy effectively, it is important to be aware of what kind of shots your opponent is apt to return and anticipate them accordingly – if they are likely to hit hard and fast, adjust accordingly so that you are ready for that power. Learning to anticipate their return shot will enable you to plan your own shot carefully. Practicing this technique regularly can help sharpen your game and also help you outthink and outmaneuver your opponents in a match. Try it today to see how anticipating can have a positive impact on your pickleball skills!