Okay we have honey badger and the old man Bernard horses Julia and Jose they'll play two out of three to 11 win by two are you ready the last start of day one time in zero zero two one.

Oh my God okay zero zero two right here all right okay.

Foreign oh my God we're on the bone Bros you're there about one Square One second server hold right here okay oh no.

crazy about two um foreign.

Thank you foreign easy.

One six zero one all right okay um six seven zero two points that out right here right now.

Oh there you go okay okay one that's it.

The airport ready come on foreign.

good morning around.

Foreign cold side out yeah nice thank you.

It's one zero two yeah next one's in next one's in um all right good job okay.

Oh my God one plus two now foreign.

One two one two one oh my God two two one I got it three two one two one good boy.

Seven two one go eight two one second server all right here eight two two sure.

Ah create one everything okay okay.

Point s good job ready foreign.

Foreign say one yeah.

Let's go second service 882 right up skip three four three eight one thank you.

okay come on what's up foreign appointment.

Second forever one more hole inside out right here seconds right here on your titles five six.

A Friday oh my God second server shut up foreign.

Right 991 foreign.

Foreign thank you I'm here right here Bernard come on Bernard.

11 10 2. thank you.

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