It's uh 7 15. yes whatever you taping this we have charles garneau ex florida southern mox orlando a ping pong specialist we have megan fudge to heart top 20 in the world.

In a dinkin battle because she win the digging battle with isaac isaac and dink all day oh cliff actually has some pickleball skills good shot clip i'm going to be your announcer now we got eddie anderson.

The crew the group coordinator for lake parker park we have jason campbell and dad with us good shot megan all the way from carbondale university of illinois there you go that's right baby that's right cardinals in southern.

Illinois that's right my bad i should know that i was recruited by siu obviously looks like this one i'm a hooper here we have megan with the serve let's see what the fighting lineup can do pickleball is finally playing good today.

He struggled earlier against the old unfortunately i thought for sure you guys going to get loose you don't get a ball right there get on the court here la use this paddle that's a garbage bag.

Watch some of these points here just watch some of these points here hey megan this is my son the tall that's luke she played at tennis university of illinois cliff this is my son luke it's my other stepson mr campbell.

Luke anderson this is jay's dad it's mr cameron jay do you mean luke yeah that's your son yeah wow yeah you played that yeah went to iowa state in high school you guys have neither.

Come on man get on him hold on it's on the tie it's on the tape just get in the kitchen they look get you guys get in the kitchen and ding it to each other just get used to just dinking just play you and wilson in warm-ups you hit it to your partner.

You don't make him run like an idiot what kind of powder you got oh you guys make unforced ears on dinks and megan fudge the heart with a poached forehand winner of the incredible drive by cliff.

Pickleball six you got tito you guys go and play him which one's your son he's the big one cheetah won't you play with luke you play with the other did they play no no they never played they're both named luke you get the tall.

One lou anderson l.a l.a play with tito what's your name big fella huh i know you play with the other you play with lw coming to you luke hey we'll do it after this.

Come in come in look after you return it you gotta come right to the kitchen you can't stand back you're trash telling t though he's trash that's megan what are you ranked in a pvp um.

Good drop oh my god all right let's go megan and megan fudge the heart with the winner she says come on cliff i'll pick you up here we have 5-0 play on one side and we have one on the other porch.

I don't know come on tito you gotta cover you gotta cut you gotta carry yeah have the games hidden in the squares hd but it's her maiden name is megan fudge fudge come on tito y'all start carrying.

watch it great point guys wow what a point you can't make those stairs he's the only guy here older than me mr campbell oh they're making a run who wants a gatorade mr campbell.

What's going on huh
Megan Fudge has made a splash on the tour already with a unique slice and dice tennis background developed on the red clay of Germany to college standout at the University of Illinois. She likes to smile on the court, but don’t let her sweet smile fool you into getting body-bagged in a quick hands exchange with her powerful volleys. She enjoys long road trips with her pickleballing family… lookout for her young ones in the cheering section, but don’t challenge them to a game!