It is yes or no would you play with a partner do you play everything on them yeah of course okay that's why they're there right right did I miss it you didn't miss through the rules it says it in section two point you know the section Lee Whitwell Kyle kazuda I'm gonna rifle off a number of questions here you ready no but okay let's go what.

Does it take to become a professional pickleball player looking like me how will pickleball grow in the next five years five years I agree with that because that's a lateral lateral girl this is actually the best I've ever growth a real solid how long did it take before you got your first Ernie two minutes.

What do a lot of people who think they know pickleball say it to people who don't know pickleball but those people who are saying that thing about the thing they think they know it's actually incorrect what are they saying that my earnings are illegal all the time if you had a billboard and you could have anything on that billboard and millions.

Of people would see that billboard every day what would it say you two can have a body like this
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