I'm Anne Z and I'm Carrie Z and this is theZ Sisters Pickleball Channel, “For the Fun of It”. There is another segment we are going to introduceright now and that has to do with a pickleball tip. And today we are going to talk about how toplay against a banger. A banger is, I was called that the first timeI stepped onto the pickleball court. It usually implies that someone comes fromtennis. I do say you can be a banger without beinga tennis player. But you like to hit it hard.

There is a big swing involved, because intennis we have a larger court and a larger racket vs a smaller court and a smaller paddlein pickleball. And so when we hitting hard, that term bangingcomes in. We are self proclaimed bangers. We are Z Sisters Pickleball and we are bangers. We're working on it! But we also are dink-masters, lob-masters,anything in between. Angles. We love playing the pickleball game the waythat other people like to play it too.

So it's not just banging. But there are a couple of tips we can give,as tennis players of how to foil that banger. Carrie why don't you start with one. Well the first one is certainly just identifythat somebody on the other side of the net is taking this big old massive swing. And her comes all that momentum and that ballis coming right at you. What are you going to do? You are going to get down low. And your paddle is going to be defensed onthe backhand side.

You know another way you can tell that someonemight be a banger is when you are having a conversation before you even step onto thecourt and you say, “what sports did you play?” And if someone says, “I'm a tennis player”. And I'll say, “Where did you play?” and maybeif they grew up in the sunbelt, in Southern California, or Florida or Northern California,or Texas. That could mean that they like to hit it hard,because there were more hard courts. Florida, not so much, but you are going tosee a long backswing from a ground-stroker from Florida. A-la, Chris Evert.

So you are going to have some informationbefore stepping on the court. Like Carrie said, seeing that big backswing,getting ready and expecting that ball coming to you really, really fast. You know, it's funny with the pickleball andthe tennis ball, you can see the holes of the pickleball. And are you seeing any sort of spin on theball. And that's looking at the ball coming at you. If you see those holes going straight pastyou, there is no spin on the ball. If there is no spin on the ball, it's probablygoing to hit passed the baseline.

So you can let go of some of those reallyhard shots, especially if they are hitting from a low position on the court, and thatbig backswing as you said. If they have some spin on it, think of yourson Brooks. He loves to hit topspin. He doesn't make them all. So even if people hit some of them in, theyare going to miss a number of them. If you can identify that ball that is aboveyour shoulder and let it go long, you are going to get some free points from those bangers. Absolutely.

Being ready, expecting it to come to you,using the backhand which will be protecting your body itself because coming at you, themiddle is easier with a backhand than a forehand. Getting around on it. Talking to them to see if they really liketo (bang). And if they are self-proclaimed bangers. I know that playing a lot of rec pickleballat the beginning. “I'm Anne Z and I'm a banger”. Giving them the information, it's going tobe coming hard. But what I love is to foil them, but thendoing a drop shot, or a little drop volley.

So one way to do that is with what we call”soft hands”. It doesn't mean that my hands are soft, butwhen a hard ball comes you lighten your grip and how hard you are holding onto it and theball will then sort of just die and pop off, over the net, hopefully. So you can foil a banger by having soft hands,being ready like Carrie says. And just having some fun with trying to mixup the shots. A banger usually hits one speed all the time. Right. We can absorb the power.

In tennis we are absorbing a really hard shotby our body and possibly by holding the racket a little bit softer. Same thing with the paddle, if that ball'scoming at us, soften up your hand. Like Anne said, my hands aren't soft either,but my grip is soft. I'm not holding onto it, maybe two or three. Two or three, right in there, softly. That becomes a block then. And so that sort of block volley, you cando that when someone's serve is hard, a block return.

Don't add any extra swing of your own. That's what I see is one of the problems whenpeople have a hard shot coming right to them, they add more power and their ball goes long. So, I think there is a way to handle the bangers. Have some fun with it though, because they'repart of the game. They are going to be here, stay here forever. It's just a matter of knowing what to do,when those situations arise. There you go. Okay, today we are going to wrap up our firstsegment of For the Fun of It, Z Sisters Pickleball.

Channel. We've enjoyed spending some time with you. We are going to try to be here monthly andnext time we are going to add some of our Pickleball Pals to join us. Included again: hot topics, we are going tohave some tips. We are going to have an intention and a favoritementor memory. And if you'd like to write in and suggestany topic, we'd love to hear from you. And we hope that you are going to subscribe,because Carrie and I are in for the long haul. We love pickleball and we are going to sharesome of our knowledge as tennis players, tennis.

Professionals and people who love sports. Yup. It's just another game and we love playingit. So we'll see you next time. Thanks for joining us.
@ZSistersPickleball – Here are highlights from the premiere show “For the Fun of It” with the Anne and Carrie Z. They have a conversation about pickleball. Welcome to the very first episode of For the Fun of It! Here is the Pickleball Tip segment. Anne and Carrie, who are self-proclaimed bangers, (but working on it!) talk about ways to defend the mighty banger.
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*This description may contain affiliate links. When you click them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products and services that I’ve used or have experience with.