We've said it many times and we're very proud of the fact that pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the u.s a few years ago amateurs participated in a sport that is now dominated by professionals who play the sports full-time and earn an above average salary here we'll see how much money pickleball players make and whether or.

Not it's a good job for those who play professionally but it's important to remember that unlike other racket sports pickleball still doesn't have prize money so big that it's enough to just play in tournaments the majority professional athletes also participate in coaching sessions clinics and gear sponsorship which contributes.

Significantly to their overall earnings hello and welcome to pro pickleball media in today's video we will take a look at how much do professional pickleball players earn also we will rank the highest earning pickleball players of 2022. if you liked the video don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and turn on the.

Post notifications let's dive right into the video how much do pro pickleball players earn in pickleball the term professional is sometimes used in a very loose way which is different from many other sports because not too long ago all you had to do to play in professional tournaments was pay the entry fee after that you.

Could play against some of the best players in the world so not all players who have played in big tournaments are pros professionals in this case are those who play the sport full time and are involved in it all year long how much do professional pickleball players make a professional pickleball player at top level can make anywhere from 50 to.

200 000 a year gear sponsorship is usually the biggest source of income and some of the best players are said to make around 80 000 from it now let's take a look at the highest earning pickleball players of 2022. number 10 james j.w johnson james j.w johnson has moved out quickly in the pickleball world the delray beach.

Florida native comes from a family of pickleball stars his mom dominates the senior division and his younger sister is quickly rising in the women's division james johnson was only 19 when he became the youngest professional pickleball player to win the men's singles title he's now ranked number two in the world for men's singles johnson.

Just won his first triple crown and he wants to win more triple crowns than his mom in the future johnson's currently sponsored by the yo bao he does not have any businesses yet but as his career grows he's sure to start some number nine frank anthony davis frank anthony davis else known as fad was once ranked number six in the world.

Davis grew up in southern new jersey and in 2013 he started playing pickleball davis has won several gold medals on the triple crown he's ranked third in the world in 2019. he's currently supported by n-i-u-p-i-p-o which makes equipment for pickleball and lock laces which makes shoelaces that don't need to be tied davis has his own.

Blog and podcasts and he also helps start pickleballbyprose.com which has training videos and other content for players of all skill levels davis also takes part in special events like the south jersey dream center's pickleball against poverty tournament to get more people interested in and aware of pickleball number eight kyle yates.

Kyle yates started playing pickleball when he was a teenager in fort myers florida his uncle taught him how to play on his first day of his first professional tournament the usapa national tournament he won gold and men's doubles since then he stopped going to school at the university of florida to focus on his professional.

Pickleball career he has many sponsorships and brand deals and he's also a co-owner of pb 1965 a private label that makes top-of-the-line pickleball accessories and clothing he also wants to open his own pickleball center yates pickleball academy where he will teach number seven jay de villiers.

Jocelyn j de villiers is one of the best in the sport in all three divisions and has gone as high as ranking number five globally he was born in monterrey and france and is often called the flying frenchman because of how angry he is 2013 he joined the men's tennis team at wichita state university in 2019 he started playing pickleball and used his.

Tennis skills to win every tournament he entered de villiers is an ambassador for the french pickleball federation and he spends some of his time teaching people how to play pickleball and sharing his love for the sport the global pickleball rating system d-u-p-r and the pickleball gear store balkan among his sponsors his prize.

Money is worth about nineteen thousand six hundred and fifty dollars number six zayn navratil before he switched to pickleball full-time in 2020 zayn of ratzill played tennis the rattle is also named an academic all-american he went to the university of wisconsin to get his master's in accounting the raddel has.

Won more than 20 medals and professional tournaments just in 2021 the rattle is a certified coach who works with app academy to teach pickleball clinics all over the country franklin pickleball a company that makes gear for pickleball thereby a company that makes technology for health and wellness dupr a global rating system and wilson a.

Company that makes and sells pickleball gear all sponsor him the radel also writes a blog about pickleball on the dink a website is all about pickleball number five tyler long tylenol went to brigham young university and played division one tennis when he graduated he had a degree in communication and a new love of.

Pickleball longs lives in salt lake city utah i grew up in highland utah he started playing pickleball in 2014 and he's one of the few left-handed professionals who play the sport his best shots is the ernie and in his spare time he works as a coach over the course of his long career long has won a lot of medals including a triple crown at the.

2018 canadian open sponsors include vulcan sporting goods asea built bucked up fitness snap sports athletic services zelias insoles acacia sports and players he has his own blog just like a lot of other pro pickleball players his total prize money is likely to be twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.

Number four colin johns colin johns is the older brother of ben johns he started playing pickleball in 2018 and in a short time he moved up to number six in the world in men's doubles he often plays doubles with his brother and the two of them have won 14 professional titles together so far he got ahead quickly because he used to play tennis.

Table tennis and baseball and because his younger brother coached him john's won his first and only triple crown in 2019 at the u.s national clay court championships he has also won a number of medals including six gold ones and six pro pickleball association titles so far john's is sponsored by the professional pickleball registry and.

Electrum pickleball he's also co-owner and founder of pickleball 360 and co-president of john and john's llc estimates put his prize money at 31 500. number three riley newman riley newman was born on whidbey island which is in washington he went to a college in seattle washington where he played division one tennis lindsay.

Newman who is also a great pickleball player and his sister plays with him and he mixed doubles riley and lindsey newman are both certified to teach pickleball and they both run clinics and camps he started playing in 2017 because he was good at tennis he picked it up quickly newman won the triple crown at the 2019 canadian nationals over the.

Course of his career he has won more than 27 medals many of them in the mix division in partnership with gamma sports he just came out with the riley newman 206 pickleball paddle the company's takiyah gamma sports and digital positions support him his total prize money is likely to be seventy five thousand four hundred and.

Fifty dollars number two tyson mcguffin tyson mcguffin is from lake chilon washington started playing pickleball in 2015. after only one month of playing he entered his first tournament and won the level 4.5 bracket mcguffin has ranked first in the world for men's singles and third in the world for men's doubles.

He's also won five grand slam titles and four national titles he's also been ranked number five in the world for the past four years in all three events mcgovern spends half of his time teaching through his businesses which include tice mcguffin's signature pb camps tmpb coaching and the tyson mcguffin show podcast his total prize.

Money is likely to be 84 five dollars number one ben johns ben johns is a top player in the men's doubles men singles and mixed doubles around the world his brother colin johns is his doubles partner john's is from gaitersburg maryland he went to the university of maryland to study.

Materials science and engineering so that he could start his own pickleball paddle company john's won more than 50 gold medals and was named the 2019 pickleball rox player of the year he was the first man to win all three titles at a major event since then he's won three more triple crowns he was also the first pickleball player to get an endorsement.

Deal with franklin sports which he signed in 2019. the total prize money he is likely to get is 146 3325 tournament prize money and pickleball still the prize money for winning a tournament isn't very high most of the players have to do other things to make a living for example the 2019 usa.

Pickleball national championships had a total prize pool of 80 000 but the men's and women's singles winners only got 2 500 as their prize also there are only 10 other tournaments in the us with prize pools of more than 20 000 each this just goes to show you that you have to be really good at pickleball like ben john's to make a living just playing the.

Sport the good news is that the sport is getting more and more sponsors so what are your thoughts about the earnings of top pickleball players tell us in the comments also don't forget to like and subscribe we'll see you soon with the next video and thank you so much for watching
Highest EARNING Pickleball Players Of 2022 Will Blow Your Mind

In today’s video, we will take a look at how much do professional pickleball players earn. Also, we will rank the highest earning pickleball players of 2022.

We’ve said it many times, and we’re very proud of the fact that pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the US. A few years ago, amateurs participated in a sport that is now dominated by professionals who play the sport full-time and earn an above-average salary.

Here, we will see how much money pickleball players make and whether or not it’s a good job for those who play it professionally.

But it’s important to remember that, unlike other racket sports, pickleball still doesn’t have prize money so big that it’s enough to just play in tournaments. The majority of professional athletes also participate in coaching sessions, clinics, and gear sponsorship, which contribute significantly to their overall earnings.


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